Ben 10 - Green Lantern is an animated TV Series, based off of Cartoonnetwork's Ben 10 and DC Comic's Green Lantern.


Ben is accepted into the Green Lantern Corps, giving him more power than ever, but soon after he gets his ring, some of his enemies are accepted into unplesant lantern corps.


Main Characters

Ben Tennyson - Green Lantern

Gwen Tennyson - Indigo Lantern

Max Tennyson - Green Lantern (Formerly), Blue Lantern


Azmuth - Blue Lantern

Tetrax - Green Lantern

Ben 10, 000 - Green Lantern

Future Gwendolyn - Indigo Lantern

Kenny Tennyson - Green Lantern

Devlin Levin - Orange Lantern (Formerly), Green Lantern


Vilgax - Red Lantern

Kevin 11 - Orange/Red Lantern

Zs'Skayr - Yellow Lantern

Zombozo - Yellow Lantern

Title Information
In Brightest Day
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