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Ben 10 (3x0-verse)
Creator Dreamer2Dusk
Co-Writers N/A
Artist(s) and Others Dreamer2Dusk
TBD/Anyone willling
Seasons Same as canon
Episodes Same as canon, plus some
Created on
Rating TV-Y7
Preceded By N/A
Succeeded by Ben 10 Alien Force
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
Ben 10 Omniverse
Ben 10 Future Frontier
Get Animated
Alien Origins (Side Story)

Ben 10; 3x0-verse is a series by Dreamer2Dusk that follows Ben and his friends (but mostly Ben,) as they fight aliens or bad guys like Vilgax and make allies like Azmuth, all with the Omnitrix. It is supposed to have WIP, and it was created on 08/01/2019.


This is a remake of canon, that ties my two other series together on B10FF, Alien Origins (side story) and Get Animated.


Main article: Ben 10 (3x0-verse) Episode Guide


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  • Vilgax: As evil as they probably come
  • Eon: Time lost Ben.
  • Dr. Animo: crazy old veterinarian went completely mad
  • Charmcaster: powerful user of magic
  • Hex: Master magician beware
  • Zombozo: Creepy clown zombie thing
  • Forever knights: not your average knight in shining armor
  • Malware: Sadistic technology
  • Sunny (maybe): she nothing but trouble
  • Billy Billion: spoiled rich kid
  • Volcanus: he looks like a baby with a giant head
  • Kevin E. Levin: chaotic bully
  • Talia Rytte: super genius anti-hero


Omnitrix Aliens

  • Orignal series, +Reboot originals
    • Heatblast
    • Wildmutt
    • Diamond head
    • Grey Matter
    • Four Arms
    • Stinkfly
    • Cannonbolt
    • Ghostfreak
    • Upgrade
    • Wildvine
    • Ditto
    • XLR8
    • Upchuck
    • Ripjaws
    • Eye Guy
    • Way Big
    • WolfBlitzer (Ben-wolf)
    • Snare-oh (Ben-mummy)
    • Frankenstrike (Ben-Viktor)
    • Gax
    • Articguanna
    • Spitter
Ultimate Forms
  • Ultimate in continuation

Antitrix Aliens

  • Wreckingbolt
  • Bashmouth
  • Crystal Fist
  • Bootleg
  • Dark Matter
  • Hot Shot
  • Quad Smack
  • Rush
  • Skunkmoth
  • Thornblade
  • Undertow
  • (What other aliens should be added to the lineup)

Nemetrix Aliens

  • in continuation


  • It includes the reboot which will be integrated into the original series line up.
  • Will keep Kevin the same as original
  • If any information is left-out please feel free to add it in along with any grammar edits if needed.
  • There will side-story Episodes to show things that go on when the focus isn't Ben and the gang.
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