Ben 10K

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Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson, nicknamed Ben 10,000, is the future version of the main timeline Ben, who has become a full-time superhero. He is one of Ben's possible futures from an alternate timeline.

Ben 10,000's nickname comes from the fact that Ben now has access to at least 10,000 alien forms (though he says he stopped counting since then).


Ben 10,000 sports a short hair and a beard, he wears a black and white long sleeved shirt with a green 10 on his left shoulder. He also has a Plumber suit made just for him, which contains the Xceedtrix on his left shoulder.



Powers and Abilities

Ben 10,000 can transform into any of his aliens at will, due to having unlocked the Master Control. He can also fuse any two aliens from the Omnitrix database with his Biomnitrix system. He has mastered his alien forms and is capable of using their powers to their fullest potential thanks to years of practice. As such, the aliens themselves have aged just like Ben, which is evident in their appearances and abilities. For example, XLR8 is noticeably taller with gray outlines in place of the ordinary blue, as well as being considerably faster.

When presented with a problem, he presents a quick and logical response to it. His intelligence is most evident by his creation of the Biomnitrix. His sharp mind allows him to take advantage of most situations, and turn the tide in his favor. He also possesses a commendable amount of bravery and courage. Upon seeing the detonation of Vilgax's Chronosapien Time Bomb, rather than panicking and trying to run, he fearlessly charged towards it and tried to stop it with Atomic-X (only to fail).

Ben 10,000 on his own is strong enough to knock down aliens of his size or larger. This allows Ben to hold his own against opponents when his Omnitrix has timed out, though he is very much dependent on transforming while fighting more powerful opponents like Vilgax and Maltruant.



With the Xceedtrix, Ben is able to transform any alien he wants into their Xceed form, which turns them into an absolute form of the alien, better than any Ultimate form. However he can still transform into the normal version of the aliens. This feature's kickback is he can't use these forms longer than 5 minutes, after that he detransforms.

Accessible Playlist


  1. Elements
  2. Power-Up
  3. SnowBeast
  4. Big Nose
  5. Batbolt
  6. Sandbox
  7. Shellhead
  8. XYZ
  9. Chimera
  10. Mage
  11. Arctiguana
  12. Blitzwolfer
  13. Buzzshock
  14. Cannonbolt
  15. Diamondhead
  16. Ditto
  17. Eye Guy
  18. Four Arms
  19. Frankenstrike
  20. Ghostfreak
  21. Grey Matter
  22. Heatblast
  23. Ripjaws
  24. Snare-oh
  25. Spitter
  26. Stinkfly
  27. Perk Upchuck
  28. Murk Upchuck
  29. Upgrade
  30. Way Big
  31. Wildmutt
  32. Wildvine
  33. XLR8
  34. Alien X
  35. Big Chill
  36. Brainstorm
  37. Chromastone
  38. Echo Echo
  39. Goop
  40. Humungousaur
  41. Jetray
  42. Lodestar
  43. Nanomech
  44. Rath
  45. Spidermonkey
  46. Swampfire
  47. AmpFibian
  48. Armodrillo
  49. Chamalien
  50. Clockwork
  51. Indigo Eatle
  52. Scarlet Eatle
  53. Fasttrack
  54. Juryrigg
  55. NRG
  56. Shocksquatch
  57. Terraspin
  58. Water Hazard
  59. Astrodactyl
  60. Atomix
  61. Ball Weevil
  62. Bloxx
  63. Bullfrag
  64. Crashhopper
  65. Feedback
  66. Gravattack
  67. Gutrot
  68. Kickin Hawk
  69. Mole-Stache
  70. Pesky Dust
  71. The Worst
  72. Toepick
  73. Walkatrout
  74. Whampire
  75. Snakepit
  76. Squidstrictor
  77. Gax
  78. Highbreed
  79. Ventrilosquid
  80. Colony
  81. Banshee
  82. Shadoll
  83. Krillter
  84. Penguinja
  85. Anteaplug
  86. Rocks
  87. Decimus Prime


  1. Xceed Humungousaur
  2. Xceed Echo Echo
  3. Xceed Four Arms
  4. Xceed Diamondhead
  5. Xceed Cannonbolt
  6. Xceed Way Big
  7. Xceed Swampfire
  8. Xceed Heatblast
  9. Xceed Sandbox
  10. Xceed Power-Up
  11. Xceed XYZ
  12. Xceed SnowBeast
  13. Xceed Shellhead
  14. Xceed Shocksquatch




  • Aliens marked with Italics are original creations to the Ominihero version of Ben 10K.
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