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Ben Tennyson has defeated Vilgax like 4 or 3 times (I mean seriously, why does he keep coming back?) and now Vilgax is returning to get revenge on Ben. Ben is now 21 with the new Omnitrix called the Strengthmatrix. He has new aliens and upgraded aliens. And now to the story.........

New Aliens.[]

Mega XLR8


Ultimate Heatfreak. (Heatblast and Ghostfreak.)



Mega Four Arms (or should I say Eight Arms)

Strength Humongusaur

Battle Power Way Big

Helix Jetray.

These are not all used in this story.

Battle Power Ultimate Echo Echo. (The master alien.)

Mega Upgrade

Super Wildmutt


Chrosmosian (Chromastone mixed with an Osmosian.)

Chapter 1[]

"Cannongrade!" Ben was fighting Ssssserpent in the road. Cannongrade is one of Ben's new aliens. It was a mix of Cannonbolt and Upgrade. Then the Omnitrix timed out! Then Ben was in his room. Ben said."Just a dream." If your wondering what the Strengthmatrix looks like, it looks like this.

Omnitrix image

It kind of looks like the first one. Then Ben went to meet Gwen and Kevin at the warehouse. Ben said."What's happening to the Strengthmatrix?" It was buzzing yellow and blue. Then he checked the aliens. "What's this one?" Ben said. And he pushed the top down.

Chapter 2. Battle Power Way Big.[]

Ben could feel the transformation! He got bigger, he grew horns, he had an axe, he even could shoot orbs! "Battle Power Way Big!" So that was the new alien! Ben thought. He pushed the omnitrix symbol and changed back.