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Season 1[]

The Great Find[]

Pilot: Three penguins, Raichu, Catodia and Jakey go out in search of Ice Ninjas. As they go along they find the ice getting thinner and thinner until it cracks beneath them, dropping the three into an ice cavern where they find three trixes (of unknown names). The three wield one each and use them to fight against evil.

Penguin Snatching[]

Raichu, Catodia and Jakey are enjoying the water expedition when they are suddenly attacked by masked bears. They are taken to Pandanda where the masked bears reveal themselves to have been "Penguin Snatching" and the three must get out before they are recaptured.

Prisoners Of Kingswood[]

All of the Kingswood Prisoner has Escaped but the 3 Heroes were seperated in each jail in kingswood, but they got out-numbered So The 3 heroes Find every Penguin they find and Hide them in some place safe, LEAVING THEM FIGHTING WITH THE PRISONERS They use all the powers they can to defeat them and the day was saved again

Two Penguins Is Better Than One[]

Something Evil Was Crawling And Zombified Everyone And Turn Jakey and Raichu into Infected Monster Zombies

Catodia Has To Fight Both Of Them and Destroy The Evil Monster who Turn them into Infected Monster Zombie! After that Jakey And Raichu was back But the other People Is still Zombified! And The Evil Monster is still Alive So Jakey,Catodia and Raichu Chase Him and Destroy him and the Rest of the City Were back!

Leaving My Two Friends[]

Raichu, Catodia And Jakey was Hanging out until they get home they saw a letter from the mail box

That Catodia Needs to go Somewhere far and he Can't Bring Raichu and Jakey and An Enemy just Come out Of No Where And Fight 'em Will the Two Penguins Defeat that Guy? Will Catodia Can Cancel Wherever hes Going? Find out!