Episode 1:  The Arrival 


Ben is going to Mr. Smoothy when Paradox appears.   


Ben: “Paradox? What happened?”


Paradox: “The time war is getting dangerous. . . .  I have decided to revive the erased memories.”


Ben: “ Okay. . . .  Should I call the plumbers to join along?”


Paradox: “Yes, you should.”


Paradox (going into Ben’s memories adding erased ones): “Ben remember about Eon and your younger self and you switching bodies?”


Ben (happily): “Yes. . . yes, I do!”


A while later, Ben calls Grandpa Max.  Ben (on the phone): “Grandpa, get every known plumber.  We have a emergency!”


Max: “Okay, Ben, but why?”


Ben: “There is a time war going on.”


Max (surprised): “Okay, Ben I will do that.”  Ben and Max hang up.


Ben (talking to himself): “Okay.  I am going to go XLR8 and get every one I know to help.”


Ben taps the Omnitrix and transforms into new alien, not XLR8


Ben: “Who is this? I think his name should be . . . Alli-Gator!”


Alli-Gator (Ben):  “I hope this guy is a fast swimmer.”


Alli-Gator (Ben) swims off into the distance.



                                                                   The End 



  • Ben (first re- appearence)
  • Max (first re-appearence)
  • Paradox (first re-appearence)

Aliens Used


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