Ben 10: Ultimate Crossover is an upcoming crossover movie in Ben 10: Multi Trixes. It will crossover with multiple series. You are no longer allowed to add your series.


  • With Season 4 confirmed, this will be between the seasons, like a "Season 3.5," as shown on the episode guide.
  • This movie will be live action. Anyone can make a more detailed picture of their aliens for how they'd look in live action, although it's not necessary.


An unknown villain is shipped through a Plumber transporter to a distant, barren planet, where he finds Simien, from Simien 10, battling Zyrokks. The villain attacks Simien and takes the Polytrix. After then attacking Zyrokks, he uses the Polytrix to move on. He goes to various planets where the heroes of various series were battling other villains. He gets all the way to earth, where he attempts to remake the All-Power-Trix.


Although there are several other-series characters, this lists the ones that are known now.

  • Simien and his team
  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Kevin
  • Max


  • Unknown villain (this is a villain from BTMT)
  • Zyrokks (small appearance)
  • Sublimino (fighting Ben in the beginning)

Aliens Used

After the other Season 3 episodes, Ben's list of aliens is changed back to all the ones he used before, minus the borrowed ones. They may make an appearance, though.

  • As of now it is unknown exactly what aliens will appear.

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