List of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force Episodes

Season 1

When a dark man comes to Bellwood, Ben and the team must fight him. But 6 aliens comes to get away from Ultron.

  • Where The Heroes Starts (Ben got Toepick in this episode)
  • No More Heroes (an episoede where the heroes get kidnapped by Ultron and the team only hope is the Chop Socky Chooks after ther big appearances in Ultimate Ben 10, Ultimate Vilgax and The Ultimate End)
  • Underwater (Only Ben 10`s aliens that breathe underwater and Ben got Overflow, who breathe underwater in this episode)
  • The Power of 10 (this is the episode, Ben 10 find out about the legend of thechosen ones. Chosen because they can put the right legs on the right shoulders.)
  • Arkham City
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