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"I've noticed Brawn! I'm working out how to get rid of these things for good,"says Brains.

"Well could you hurry,"replies Brawn.

"Brawn I've come up with a solution, but you won't like it."

"I'll do anything just help me!"

Brains teleports to Brawn,grabs him, and teleports to the top of a skyscraper.Which confuses the robots."Ok, Brawn we need to turn back."

"But I don't want to!"

"Just do it!"


Brains and Brawn turn back into Devin. He is thinking,'What alien can I use to defeat these things? I'm gunna have to use a combination!' He then transforms into Cannonbolt,then goes Ultimate.

He rolls in place to get momentum then, goes off the building and knocks down all the robots temporaraly. "Ok now......Echo Echo." He starts to multiply at a very fast rate."Now!" They all press the Omnitrix symbol at the same time, causing them all to go Ultimate. They unleash all the sonic disks at once. This disrupts all the robots' main internal processors causing them all to shut down for good.

"Well that took a little longer then I thought,"Devin says after he turns back.

Next, Devin sees a large explosion from the center of the city.

"I completly forgot about the others, I'll never make it in time!,"he says.


"Ben! How are we going to fight all these things!,"says Gwen

Omnitrix,"Message From Omnitrix-Wielder, Devin."

"Ben turn into Echo Echo the sonic waves disrupt their internal processors!"

"Thanks,"replies Ben simply before he hangs up. &nbsp