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(Taking place right after part 4)

"Hey guys, we've got a problem,"Gwen says. Devin replies,"Huh, what is it?" Kevin says,"It's just a couple more Techadon robots.""Ok then, meet you guys there!,"Devin says as he transforms in to Brains and Brawn. Brains grabs Brawn and teleports away.

"Wait Brawn that isn't a normal Techadon robot,"Brains says cautiously. Brawn replies,"That doesn't matter I'll still smash'em!"

"Brawn we should think this out."

"Why,I'm already fightin' him."

"Well in that case, Brawn jump up and grab his arm."

"Ok!" Brawn grabs the robot's with his feet due to the fact his arms don't have fingers.He also takes it a step further, by ripping off it's arm.

"Well then, guess that works. Now go for a few low blows,Ok."

Brawn starts punching the robot in the abdomen and it's arm regenerates."Ummm..BRAINS!"

(Ben and the others are taking care of other robots downtown)

"What is it now Brawn?"

"He regenerates!" While he is speaking the robot throws him into a building.

"I only figured as much.Brawn didn't I warn you?" Brains is simply watching Brawn struggle.

The robot only made Brawn angry. He starts running toward the robot when Brains stops him.

"Don't take another step forward, Brawn. I have no idea what we're dealing with. You need to distract it while I think of a way to put this thing down for good, but don't destroy another building. Just becareful when you miss."

"Fine, just leme fight 'em!"Brawn runs toward the robot, when another comes out of nowhere and runs towards Brains

"Well, this is unforeseen."He then jumps up and uses telekinesis to rip apart the robot. "That wasn't as hard as I thou......." The robot completly regenerates, each piece into a new Techadon robot."We might have a problem Brawn....Turn around!"

"Umm.....Brains where'd those come from?"

"From the pieces of the robot I broke.Why do you ask?"

"Because there's......A LOT."