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Gotta Get a Team![]

After Ben & Rex being betrayed, they find the ultimate member Alexander Rider.

The Mamma of All Norrises[]

Mamma Norris is coming to destroy all!

The 24/7 Hero?[]

A new hero is on patrol.... And he ain't pretty.

Welcome to the 4D Battle Tournament![]

Team Omniverse finally enter the tournament! Their first oppenents are Team Death Stars!

Sora: The One & Only Flamed Warrior[]

After being saved from a 15-year old called Sora, The gang let him join the team. That's until... Upchuck Norris returns.

The Beast Deep Within[]

In the sequel to episode 5, Upchuck Norris' Team, Team Omnipotient, is next team Team Omniverse will face, and the first match is Sora VS Upchuck Norris!