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Season 1

Image Title Number
Road trip.png Road Trip 1
Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook begin their road trip, but then Ben receives a new Omnitrix.
Four times the fun.png Four Times The Fun 2
Ben lands on Khoros to get the Tetramand DNA sample
Plant buddies.png Plant Buddies 3
Ben arrives on Methanos to collect a Methanosian DNA sample and meets a strange Floranua in the process.
A old war part 1.png A Cold War: Part 1 4
Ben and Gang arrived on Kylmyys, only to be in the middle of a war.
A cold war part 2.png A Cold War: Part 2 5
Previously, Ben and co crash landed on Kymylys in the middle of a war. Ben unlocks Heatblast and fights back but the Kymyldy Necrofriggians are put into Slavery, with few escapees, and the opposition grows as Polar Manzardills join the war.
Jp.png Jurassic Planet 6
Ben and Co. arrive in the beautiful world of Terradino, only to discover that a Vaxasaurian is trying to rule Terradino
Wy bad.png A Cosmic Storm 7
Ben and gang run into a storm. But not any storm, a Cosmic Storm.
Andromeda galaxy.png The Andromeda Galaxy 8
Ben and his team go to Andromeda Galaxy and they meet the Aliens he saved from Aggregor.
Perk upchuck 2.png Someone They Ate 9
The Gourmands are rebuilding their planet and then a gourmand spit out a new kind of gourmand with special abilities.
Its Halloween.png It's Halloween 10
Ben is stuck on Anur Transyl and can only transform into the Anur aliens. Then Zy'Skar possesses Dr. Viktor and frees Lord Transyl.
Just ben.png Just Ben 11
Ben 10,000 makes a wish he'll never forget... no longer be Ben 10. Now Ben Tennyson, omnitrixeless, must fight Jack Jenie, who now has the Biomnitrix.
MA (250).png A Tale of Two Frogs 12
Ben and gang arrive back on Galvan only to be stuck in the middle of a war between the Incurseans and the Galvans.
10 10.png 10+10 13
Ben travels to an alternate dimension where he meets another version of himself,... and his twin sister.
23 equals 10.png 23 Equals 10 14
Ben 23 doesn't understand why Ben doesn't want all the fame. Ben 23 tries to help Ben, but accidentally switches their bodies in the process.
Ob.png Operation: Benzarro 15
Professor Paradox and Ben travel to Dimension 01 to cure Benzarro. However, when the other people of this world start running away in fear because of this dimensions Vilgax, Ben, Benzarro, and Paradox must defeat Vilgax as wel
Double trouble.png Double Trouble 16
Albedo returns..., and this time he's framing Ben. Albedo then kidnaps Gwen, Kevin, and Rook, so Ben recruits some heroes to fight against Albedo
Immension x we go.png To Dimension X We Go! 17
Ben has to rescue Jen, Ben 7, and Ben 23 from an alternate an evil version of him, called Ben X
Universes united new.png Universes United 18
Eon has been capturing Ben's from all over the Multiverse,Ben now has to get a team of alternate universe heroes to help him and stop Eon!
Failure pt 1.png Failure: Part 1 19
As Ben is stopping criminals in Bellwood, Infern plots to attack him. Ben then faces Infern with Kevin, Rook, and Gwen. After Infern tricks Ben into sending Gwen, Rook, and Kevin into an alternate dimension, Ben fights Infern alone. Can Ben stop Infern, or will this be Ben's final failure?
FailureP2.png Failure: Part 2 20
Ben has lost his battle against Infern. Can Ben stop Infern, and save the entire multi-verse from destruction?

Season 2

Image Title Number
The New Aliens.png The New Aliens 21
Ben is back, but then Vulkanus and Dr. Animo team up. Ben can only seem to get new, never before seen aliens. Can Ben defeat Dr. Animo and Vulkanus, or will Ben's new aliens be to much for him?
Malware Returns.png Malware Returns 22
Malware returns and plans revenge on Azmuth. Azmuth barely escapes while Malware destroys Gavan Mark II. Can Ben defeat Malware, who is now 10 times as powerful.
Ultimate Force.png Ultimate Force 23
Ben fiddles with the Ultimatrix and accidently locks it allowing him to only turn into Ultimates. When Psyphon returns, Ben must use his ultimates to defeat Psyphon.
B10KTNO.png A New Future 24
Ben decides to go to the future to check out the new Ben 10,000. When Eon starts to attack, Ben 10,000 and Ben Prime must save the day.
Tnologo.png A Future Enemy 25
Ben meets an new enemy who is stronger than most of Ben's enemies. Revealed to be working with Infern, this new enemy proves to be a tough challenge for Ben. Can Ben defeat this new enemy, or will this enemy be too much for Ben.
TNO Logo2.png Full House 26
Ben goes on a vacation to see his family. When the reunion takes place, an old friend shows up. Can Ben, who teams up with Lucy, Max, Gwen, and Clyde, defeat Zombozo?
Tnologo.png Two Plumbers and a Baby 27
Thanks to Bluckic and Driba, Ben and Rook have to babysit, Grandpa Max! When Dr. Psychobos returns from Mad Ben's Dimension, he goes straight to revenge. Can Ben and Rook stop Psychobos, and babysit at the same time?
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