This is a movie where an alternate universe 18 year old Ben with the Omnitrix fights for his life against Vilgax and Psyphon...


Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Max were on Anodyne visiting Verdona and the bratty Sunny. Gwen asked Sunny how she was doing but Sunnyb just ignored.

Ben: This is SO boring.

Gwen: Ben, grow up, you are almost 18 y'know.

Ben: Azmuth said he would give me master control when I am eighteen.

Kevin: No dude, Azmuth said MAYBE.

Rook: Which means you have to become more mature.

Max: Ben you know they are right.

Ben: Tell it to (Transforms) Gravattack!

Gwen: Ben, Overkill.

Gravattack: Gwen we talked about this before if my aliens name was Overkill I would shout out Overkill!

Gwen: Suit yourself.

Gravattack reverted. Verdona and Max kissed.

Ben: Can we please go home now?

Kevin: No.

Ben: Fine, stay here I'm leaving! (Transforms) Jetray!

He zoomed off into space. He was then blasted into Earth orbit where he caught on fire.

Jetray: This burns. How about (Transforms) Heatblast!

He wasn't affected by the heat, he flew to the ground.

Heatblast: (Transforms) Stinkfly!

He flew home then reverted.

Ben: I wonder who blasted me. Probaly just the Vreedles or Sunder or some idiotic criminal.

He walked inside his own house.

Ben: Julie I'm home!

No response.

Ben: Julie? Julie!? JULIE!

He searched everywhere then found a note: Incarecon Cell 12463236. Break that prisoner out or never see this human again.

Ben: (Transforms) Echo Echo!

He flew up into space through the portal and into Incarecon. He transformed into Benwolf to keep his cover. He went to that specific cell and found Vilgax in there.

Benwolf: No way! Never!

Psyphon suddenly appeared.

Psyphon: You must if you want that human, whats her name, Jane?

Benwolf: It's Julie!

He howled at him, but Psyphon made a shield then shot a red blast at Benwolf, glitching the Omnitrix and changed him into Ripjaws.

Ripjaws: Can't.....................breathe.............(Transforms) RATH!

To Be Completed

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