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"Hey kid,"Kevin says,"why don't you do something useful." "Devin replies," Like what, I have no idea what I am!" When Devin points at the ship,and says"Um, guys it's opening.", he unintentionally shoots a fireball at the shape coming out of the ship.

The fireball some how flys back towards Ben, but Gwen quickly makes a shield around him. The strange form walks out of the shadows to reveal........Agreggor!

Ben says," Agreggor, I thought Kevin took care of you." Agreggor replies,"Apparently not Tennyson, I have come for what is rightfully mine." Gwen says," What is rightfully yours? The last time something was 'Rightfully yours' you tried to kill inoccent aliens!" Agreggor simply says,"This time though I have much better plan than what you call 'Killing'. I have the device that is on that CHILD'S wrist.", while pointing to Devin.

"What the Omnitrix? How did you make a copy?," Ben said. Where as Agreggor simply says," That is for my own knowledge and I never meant for a CHILD to get it,but no matter It is OBSOLETE." And with that he changed into a Celestialsapien ergo trapping himself in that form forever.

Then, Gwen says,"Why would he do that doesn't he know he'd get stuck like that?"

From out over no where a message appears on Ben's Omnitrix from Azmuth,"Gwen I believe he has meant to do that, he merely absorbed the power of the Omnitrix meaning sooner or later the other two minds in the Celestialsapien will no longer hold him and when that day comes you will need to be ready. So, I am going to let this child keep the copy of the Omnitrix for you three to train so he may help you."

Ben replies,"What now we've got to babysit him........."

He is interupted by Devin screaming,he accidentally hit the badge on his chest and turned into Ultimate Swampfire.

Kevin says,"Well this is going to be a long summer."