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Ben 10: Suzan Adventures
Creator Zekons
Co-Writers Co-Writers
Art Designer(s) and Others Art Designer(s) and Others
Seasons  ?
Episodes  ?
Created on Zekons
Rating TV-Y7
Preceeded By Ben 10: Omniverse (chronologically)
Ben 10 (Reboot) (non-canonical)
Succeeded by Succeeded by

Ben 10: Suzan Adventures is a series by Zekons that follows Suzan Kimberly as she has the Omnitrix U. It is supposed to have two seasons, and it was created on August 28, 2020.


After the event of Omniverse, the universe has been peaceful once more, but the terrible disaster that the greater evil arises that the evil alien named Mordagen who conquers every planet on the universe. Ben's friends help Ben to save the world only Ben and Rook confirm that Mordagen is too strong and better than Vilgax which he needs his successor. Azmuth becomes happy about Ben's new successor and Ben and Rook find his new successor, the 10th-grade schoolgirl named Suzan Kimberly. When Mordagen's arrival for the conquest of the multiverse, a strange meteorite smashes Mordagen's ship and badly wounded him which causes to fall into the Earth. Suzan looked at the falling meteorite and straight from her before she getting away from the meteorite. As the meteorite crashed down to the ground, Suzan finds the meteorite, but it cracked into bits and revealed itself to the Omnitrix. Ben, Rook, and Azmuth finds Suzan that she founds the Omnitrix as Azmuth become amazed that the Omnitrix U, a lost prototype Omnitrix created by someone that was thought to be destroyed 50 years ago. Suzan becomes so amazed at shocks that she wanted to become a hero just like her father, the plumber who disappeared seven years ago. Azmuth told Suzan about Ben's story and she accepted him as Ben's successor in order to defeat Mordagen and save the universe once again.


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