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Omniverse Award Winner!

Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future won Funniest Series at 2020's Omniverse Awards!

Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future (BTSFEOOF) is an comedic epilogue mini-series to Ben 10: Stupidity Force, written by Omi, chronicling the adventures of Ben Tennyson in his 20s, who discovers the events of BTSF have happened in his past in an alternate timeline, as he experiences the return of many of his previous allies, aliens, and foes, most notably Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben, who live within him as alternate personalities, and their pet Angry Bird, Eggy.

Ben 10: Stupidity Force:
End of Omnivangelion: Future
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Comedy, Sci-Fi




10 (7 released)

Main Characters:

Ben Prime
Crazy Ben/CBT
Muslim Ben/Abu-Spanner
Grandpa Max

Created by:


Written by:


Preceded By

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Ben Tennyson, now 25, has lived a normal life ever since his incident with Clancy, where he became deranged for a few days, believing that all of the events of Ben 10: Stupidity Force were nothing more than his vivid hallucinations during his treatment. However, one day, he discovers Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben still exist as an alternate personalities in his head, bringing on a barrage of absurd scenarios for the three Bens to deal with.

And Then There Were Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future

Ben discovers Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben still exist within him as alternate personalities of himself, which leads to complications as he deals with Psyphon and his henchman.

Family Ben

The Bens find themselves in a certain TV show.

Bellwood Reunion

Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Julie reunite in their high school reunion, as Ben is overshadowed by his former classmate.


Ben wakes up to discover Muslim Ben has converted the entire universe to Islam.

The Ben Tennyson Experience

The Bens discover a Ben imitator has been running an interviewing podcast known as the Ben Tennyson Experience, becoming a symbol of the alt-right. Vilgax gets into controversy for his appearance on the podcast.

Ben 10 vs. The CEO of Racism

Crazy Ben ends racism once and for all.

Money Machine

The Bens try to use Debtpay to solve the student debt crisis, but instead bring on hyperinflation.

Sumo Slammers Ruined An Entire Generation Of Men

Ben tries to find love.

Upchuck Norris Returns Again

Upchuck Norris returns and allies with Trumpchuck to defeat Ben once and for all.

End Of Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future: The Finale: Parts 1 and 2 and 3

Ben gets in a legal battle.

Main Characters

The Bens

Friends and Family

Secondary Characters


  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Jonesy
  • Rook Blonko
  • Alan Albright
  • Cooper
  • Azmuth
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Paradox



Along with the original BTSF alien roster, BTSFEOOF also adds a few new alien forms into the mix.

New Forms:

New Evolutions:

Canon Aliens

Original Aliens

Evolved Forms

Ultimate Forms:

Infinite Forms

Ultimate-ultimate forms.

Viking Førms

These forms are like ultimates for aliens like REO or Eatle, and Ben cannot become the ultimate version of them, only Viking form.

Hat Forms

By putting a hat on the Omnitrix symbol and slapping it, Ben becomes a hat form. These hat forms enhance the aliens in hat related ways. Muslim Ben can use his taqiyah to instantly transform into any of these forms.

Other Evolutions

Ben's Omnitrix is also capable of other evolutions, including Omni-Enhanced, Omni-Kix, Omni-Naut forms, Festive forms, and more.

In case you don't want to read through dozens of 2011 BTSF content (understandably, considering most of it has aged horrendously) to understand some of the things in BTSFEOOF, here is a recap of the major events of BTSF. A fair amount of it won't be relevant to the show, but whatever.

Season 1

During a fight with Clancy, Ben is attacked by a special bug summoned by Clancy, causing him to develop amnesia and turning him stupid. Gwen and Kevin attempt to teach him about using his Ultimatrix, which proves a challenge due to Ben's unique condition. [1]

Ben continues to fool around with his Ultimatrix, unlocking new forms such as Ultimate Way Big (BTSF). While learning about his aliens, he transforms into Alien X, where he gets into an argument with Serena and Bellicus. Unknowingly, Ben also gets infused with Celestialsapien blood, allowing him to subconsciously manipulate reality, leading to the bizarre events throughout the series, as revealed in BTSFEOOF's pilot. Ben also uses his first entirely new form in this episode, Lurnit. [2]

Ben unlocks Ek and all his corresponding evolutions, while making an enemy after defeating General Lfhater, a supreme commander of the Balloonians, the Lf's natural enemy and weakness. [3]

During an attack on a viking raid, Ben unlocks REO, and later on unlocks Viking Førms, allowing him to evolve his aliens into Viking-resembling versions of themselves, usually equipped with a viking warhammer and armor, and gaining viking related abilities, including lightning abilities and summoning vikings. His first two viking forms are REØ and Viking Waylighter. [4]

Ben keeps fooling around with the Ultimatrix, unlocking The Percolating Coffee Guy, The Most Useless Alien Of All Time and his ultimate form, making enemies with Jeve Stobs, an Apple addicted tech guru and Galvanic Mechamorph. [5] Ben also fights the Happy Cows, a race of toys who can hypnotize humans.[6] Later on, Jeve traps Ben inside Angry Birds, where Ben eventually escapes and is followed by a male white Angry Bird, who he keeps and names Eggy, who turns into Ben's best friend. [7]

Later on, Ben is called to defend Snofrisk, from Upchuck Norris, a being with incredible power. Ben defeats Upchuck Norris, making a powerful enemy out of him, and unlocks Cheesewheel. [8] Ben continues messing around, unlocking new forms such as T-Rex, a Tyrannosaurus Rex who evolves into a literal chicken, Pie Guy, and Western Corn Rootworm, and fights and defeats Upchuck Norris again, this time back in the wild west.[9] He also allies with Jeve Stobs in the Christmas special to help a Christmas-themed race of robots called the Transfornaments, led by Santimus Clime, against the Eggcepticons, led by Eastertron, in a parody of Transformers. [10]

During the season finale, it is revealed that Clancy, Lfhater, The Happy Cows, and Upchuck Norris were all part of a group known as the Benhaters, led by a mysterious leader who assisted them in their fights before. They all attack him at once, and subdue him, before taking him to their leader, revealed to be Mrs. Harris, his evil super-powered fourth grade teacher, who wishes to take revenge for his behavior in elementary school. [11] Ben manages to escape, but is attacked again by General LfClancyCow Norris, a fusion of all four Benhaters created by Mrs. Harris. General LfClancyCow Norris manages to subdue Ben once again, and brings him in front of Mrs. Harris, who manages to defeat Ben and take the Ultimatrix for herself. She uses Humungousaur to kill Ben, and permanently transforms into Lurnit, which she reveals to be her true species. Eggy reveals Ben used Infinite Ek to clone himself and preserve his copy in the pineapple universe, in case he was defeated. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Eggy confront Mrs. Harris and General LfClancyCow Norris, who are searching for something at the Bellwood High School for an unknown reason. Ben is swiftly defeated by Mrs. Harris again, but the Ultimatrix manages to scan one of Upchuck Norris' beard hairs, granting Ben his DNA sample. Ben transforms into Upchuck Norris and quickly defeats both of them due to his absurd strength. Gwen unfuses General LfClancyCow Norris and sends them on their way. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Mrs. Harris was serving another master, who turns out to be Justin Bieber with facial hair. [12]

Season 2

Ben, Gwen and Kevin discover Justin Bieber was behind Mrs. Harris and the Benhaters, and was searching Bellwood High for unobtainium in order to rule the world. Ben, using his newly unlocked Viking Eatle, fights Justin Bieber, who along with his song powers can also control teenagers. Justin eventually reveals he only needed unobtainium for a potion in order to stop his ongoing puberty, and Ben and the team let him go. [13]

Ben continues his usual shenanigans, unlocking TV, a walking television set with the ability to summon objects and people from television shows or enter them by himself, his Ultimate form, Fart, Treestump, and a few more aliens. He fights Jeve Stobs again, this time in different phone games. [14] Ben also unlocks Leapyear, an alien with jumping abilities capable of time travel, but only to leap days. [15]

Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Eggy wake up after a one and a half year sleep, to discover Ben 10: Omniverse has come out during that period, and that they have been put to sleep by Cosine, an evil Complexian with the ability to put people to sleep with his math lectures. Ben and crew defeat Cosine, scanning him to unlock Math, and Ben reverses time to before their sleep, preventing it. [16]

After a fight with Kraab, Ben is scouted and approached by the Hatman, a hat-themed superhero, who convinces him to become his apprentice. Hatman and Ben are attacked by the Poker, Hatman's nemesis, who kills Hatman. Hatman, dying, gives Ben his superpowered hat, but fails to warn him of its danger, and is later revealed by Gwen to be a villain disguised as a superhero. Ben discovers that while wearing his hat, he can access Hat Forms, which grant his aliens new hat-based abilities. After a few fights, Ben's hat slowly awakens and gains the ability to speak, and reveals itsef to be an alien being named Hatty who becomes stronger as it unlocks achievements. Hatty evolves and gains superpowers and attacks Ben, who defeats him using Hat Viking Waylighter, but permanently unlocks Hat Forms, which can be accessed by pressing a hat onto his Omnitrix symbol. [17]

Ben is later unwantingly assigned Rook as his new partner, in a different take on Omniverse's first arc. The two fight off and defeat Khyber and Zed, whose Nemetrix now contains predator forms against Ben's new aliens, such as Crabboard and Microbird. [18] Ben and Rook later on go visit Azmuth, who unlocks 8 new random aliens for Ben, including Smartypants, Apefruit, and Poop, a horrifying self-explanatory parody of Goop.[19]

Ben defeats a Spy from Team Fortress 2, who is revealed to be in the service of Hatty, who continued feeding off his achievements. [20] Ben also fights Morgan Freeman, unlocking Jury Duty, a parody of Jury Rigg who has powerful lawyer abilities. [21]

Ben, Kevin and Rook answer a call on Wafflemaker, TMUAOAT's home planet, after the Prediction Stone, a holy artifact on the planet capable of future prediction along with granting the very specific prediction abilities native to TMUAOAT's race, predicts danger. It is quickly attacked by Malware, who wants to absorb the Prediction Stone in order to constantly predict the future, aided by Khyber and Zed, with new Nemetrix predators up their sleeve. Ben attempts to use Upchuck norris, but fails as Zed uses his natural predator, the Brucedozer. Ben eventually defeats them, using TMUAOAT to rally the Uselessaliens, and the villains return to Psychobos.[22]

Ben's shenanigans take their usual route, as he fights pirates [23], and fights alongside a Stinkcosian parody of Doctor Who named Doctor Poo. [24] Gwen attempts to reverse time and prevent Ben from going crazy, but causes the world to fall into chaos as a result of Ben not unlocking his bizarre forms. Gwen settles on letting Ben stay crazy for the good of the universe.[25]

Ben and Jimmy Jones figure out a way to clone Ben's Ultimatrix by stealing it off a clone of Ben created by reverting from duplicate Echo Echos. Ben uses the dual Ultimatrixes to create glitch forms such as Humungouhumungousaursaur and Walkawalkatroutrout, along with fusions of his forms such as T-Lighter and MoustachREO. Ben is later on attacked by his Ultimatrix-less clone, Ben2, who allies with Albedo. Ben defeats both of them, but is punished by Azmuth who keeps the glitch forms.[26] Ben also unlocks multiple random evolutions of Goop such as Festive Goop and Awesome Goop in a Goop Fest special.[27]

Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Eggy are attacked by Khyber, Zed, and Malware yet again. Khyber reveals the Nemetrix has the DNA sample of Way Big's natural predator, the Astrocetacea, also known as the Spacewhale. Ben's team are captured by the Spacewhale, and are confronted by the mastermind of the operation, Psychobos, wearing Hatty. [28] Hatty reveals he has allied with Psychobos in order to resurrect Hatman on his home planet Covar. Hatty resurrects Hatman with his newfound achievement powers, who then betray Psychobos and his crew. Hatman and Hatty rally the Hatsapiens to travel on their spaceship to Earth to take over it, stealing Zed and stranding Psychobos's crew and Ben's crew on Covar together. Both crews team up and travel back to Earth, now under Hatsapien rule. Ben attempts to use Upchuck Norris again, but fails, as he is defeated once again by Brucedozer, controlled by Hatty. Ben transforms into Alien X, and gets Gwen to push a hat onto his Omnitrix symbol, allowing him to transform into Hat Alien X, whose unlimited reality warping abilities quickly wipe out the Hatsapien rule. [29]

Season 3

Ben celebrates his birthday, before he is attacked by The Potato Mage, a wizard who specialized in controlling potatoes. Ben unlocks Debtpay, a Jetray parody capable of firing unlimited amounts of money instead of lasers. [30] Ben and Eggy fight off Ben2 and Albedo again, this time in the Angry Birds universe again for some reason.[31] Ben fights ghosts and unlocks Toastfreak, a Ghostfreak parody who can control toast. [32]

Ben, Eggy, and their product placement entourage, consisting of fictional characters he brought out into the world by using TV, are offered the chance to reboot Ben's show by a Cartoon Network executive. Ben accepts, but is enraged as he watches the Ben 10 reboot take place. Ben fights the CN Executive, who reveals himself to be Mongolian Warlord Genghis Khan in disguise. Ben defeats him using his newly unlocked Overflow.[33]

Ben discovers he can curse now using the new profanity filter, and enrages The Sex King, a powerful Chimera Sui Genesis, who is defeated after being confronted by his superior, Grandpa Max. [34] Ben later on visits a French Dimension, where he meets an alternate French Ben, with a french version of his roster. [35] Ben fights The Potato Mage and Upchuck Norris yet again. [36] Ben unlocks Ultimate Fasttrack in a Fasttrack Fest special. [37] Later, he and Rook fight Magg, a Splixson mage, Ben being sane for some reason. [38]

In the series finale, Ben, crazy for the last 9 years, confronts Kevin as he notices him praying in the garage. Kevin explains about his conversion to Islam and converts Ben as well, curing Ben of his insanity, and creating Muslim Ben. Ben learns about the ways of Islam, fights Dr. Animo and is arranged into a marriage with Kai Green by his future son, Spanner. However, just as he is about to step on to the podium, he collapses, and falls into a bizarre dream scenario, where he and Crazy Ben agree to leave Ben Prime for good, as they reset the universe.[39]

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