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A Star Wars parody, Ben Skywalker must defeat the evil Dark Aggregor with his empire. It will be split up into 6 movies. There will be a certain empire leader in each movie.


  • Ben Skywalker (Ben 10) (Luke)
  • Princess Gwen (Gwen) (Leia)
  • Kevin Solo (Kevin) (Han)
  • Cooper3PO (Cooper) (C3PO)
  • Chewmaxa (Max) (Chewbacca)
  • Jimmy2D2 (Jimmy) (R2D2)
  • Obi Wazmuth Kenobi (Azmuth) (Obi Wan Kenobi)
  • Replumbic (Plumbers) (Republic)
  • Landbright (Alan Albright) (Lando)
  • Yodox (Paradox) (Yoda)


  • Emperor Aggregor (Aggregor) (Emperor Palpitine)
  • Darth Eon (Eon) (Darth Vader)
  • Count Animo (Animo) (Count Dooku)
  • Argreedo (Argit) (Greedo)
  • Vilgax Fett (Vilgax) (Boba Fett)
  • Reiny the Hut (Reiny) (Jabba the Hut)
  • Imperial DNAliens (DNAliens) (Imperial Forces/Troopers)
  • General Hexvious (Hex) (General Grevious)
  • Dark Maul (Darkstar) (Darth Maul)
  • Storm Psyphon (Psyphon) (Storm Trooper)
  • VulCadus (Vulkanus) (Cad Bane)


  • Charm Ventress (Charmcaster) (Asajj Ventress)

The Sabertrix[]

Same appearence as AF Omnitrix but it has different color lightsabers inside of it.

Unlocked Forms[]

  1. Blue Lightsaber


  1. Episode |: A Menace
  2. Episode ||: DNAlien Wars
  3. Episode |||:Revenge Of the Gore
  4. Episode |V: A New Fate
  5. Episode V: The Imperial Attacks
  6. Episode V|: Return Of the Saber