CThis is a list of episodes in Ben 10: Solo

Season 1

Image Title Number Original Airdate
Ben 10 Fan fic Logo Everything Changes, Part 1 1 Unknown
Tetrax appears on Earth to take Ben to a planet named Zong to look after the people, because an evil villain and his two employees keep attacking the planet. With inhabitants from all different worlds, will Ben be able to fit in well?
Ben 10 Fan fic Logo Everything Changes, Part 2 2 Unknown
After a long chase between Ben and the two gangsters, the woman with the blue hair reveals herself to be called Blue, and the donkey man reveals himself to be called Hee-Haw. But, when escaping, they seem mysterious, like they're working for someone.
Ben 10 Fan fic Logo Princess Kidnap 3 Unknown
The princess of Zong, Dani, is kidnapped by some Limaxes, but when Ben goes to save her and defeat the slimy beings, they create a close bond. But where are the two gangsters, have they given up their evil doings or are they spying on Ben.
Ben 10 Fan fic Logo What the Hex is Going on? 4 Unknown
Charmcaster calls in Ben as her Uncle Hex has been captured by pirates, but will Ben believe her, and where have those two alien gangsters gone?
Ben 10 Fan fic Logo Animo's Clamino's 5 Unknown
Dr. Animo finds Ben fishing on a lake on Zong, but when he sends some giant mutant clams to the surface, Ben takes on the sea creatures along with two old friends, Tetrax and Azmuth.
Ben 10 Fan fic Logo Carbus Duel 6 Unknown
Ben finally meets Carbus, wrecking havoc in the city centre. With the help of his two employees, it is three against young Ben 10!
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