Ben 10: Rogue Hero is a video game in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. It is produced by Eidos and Rocksteady. The engine of the game is the Unreal Engine 4. It will released on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


A ancient artifact is stolen and the universe is threated. Framed for this horrible crime and without the help of Gwen and Kevin, Ben needs to try to save the universe. With only four aliens left unlocked, he needs to face his most dangerous enemies and escape the rage of the complete plumber organisation. Can he be the hero?

Playable Characters


Playable Aliens

Playable Aliens


When and how Unlocked/Locked


By finding it during the Vulkanus Level


From The Beginning


By finding it during the Vulkanus Level


By finding it during the Vulkanus Level


After Defeating Driscoll


During the Deathray Puzzle (Forever Knight area)


By finding it during the Vulkanus Level


After defeating the Mutant Armodillo

Upchuck / Eatle

During the Psyphon Level


After Defeating The Swamp-beast

Big Chill

Not Revealed Yet


Before the Genetic Puzzle

Echo Echo

By solving a riddle and enters the room


From The Beginning


By finding the secret entrance in the Fort Psyphon


Before the Clock Puzzle (Forever Knight area)

Water Hazard

After Defeating Ah Puch


From the Beginning


After Defeating Sub-Zero Manta


After Defeating Robo-Yeti


After Defeating Sunder


Not Revealed Yet


Before solving the Flood gates Puzzle


Hidden on the beach (Animo's Level)


By finding it during the Vulkanus Level


Hidden on the beach (Animo's Level)

Grey Matter

Before the Egg Puzzle (Animo)


By finding it during the Psyphon Level


Before the Methane Magic Puzzle (Animo)


Not Revealed Yet


Before the Triple Puzzle

Eye Guy

Not Revealed Yet


During the battle with Yenaldooshi


During the battle with the Mummy


During the battle with King Vicktor


From The Beginning


Ben 10: Rogue Hero

The game begins with an intro of Ben. He is talking to someone in the shadows. "It was you, it was from the beginning you. I should have know it. You will pay!" One week earlier...

The Bagorah

A monstrous scream is heard and Ben is looking to a fearsome bat-like creature. The creature is enormous. He selects Way Big but mistransformed in Swampfire. "Ow, man. Can this thing do nothing right."

The next moment the beast grabs Ben and after a short quicktime-event let him fall on a top of a parking tower. Then the beast blast 5 times a fiery saliva to Ben that explodes after 10 seconds. After such attack series, it hangs before him, open for attack. Ben can shoot fireballs at him or throw a car at him. From the moment you have 10 hits, he flies away and start over with attacking. After a while, he changes his attack patron. He picks up a car and throw it at Ben. He can dodge them or catch them in mid-air and throw them back. After doing enough damage, Ben transforms in Ultimate Swampfire. From them one the battle is easier. On a moment, the bat will crash down on the parking tower with a O or a B above his head. As you press it, Ben will throw some Blue bombs around the beak of the beast. From the moment it tries to get up, the bombs explode, causes enormous damage. After that, it will knock Ben of the building with is tail and smashes him to another building. He now transforms in Benvicktor. The roof is smaller and the beast picks now cars form the street to throw at Ben. The only damage Ben can cause now, is by throwing the cars back or shoot electricity at him. A new feature is The Superior View: he can this ability when he's Grey Matter, Brainstorm or Benvicktor. He sees weak spots easier. After a short battle, the building collapses. This time Ben transforms in Cannonbolt. The battle continues on the street. The bat doesn't fly anymore and it becomes a melee-battle. The beast drops down. Ben goes Ultimate and hit the beast directly in ball-form.

Five plumber ships lands around him and the beast. Suddenly he have only access to 4 aliens. Swampfire, Chamalien, Lodestar and Four Arms and faces Argit. He states that he will help him, if he gets a little contribution. Argit explains that a secret society called Djävullen Beställ has stolen an ancient artifact. The Universos Stone. The one possessing the Stone has unlimited power. But with a prize, they die soon after the stone is stolen and with the dead of thief, the fabric of life should be destroyed as well. It seems that the stone is broken and when it should be reassembled it, should be granted with the power without dying, only if it is reassembled by someone doesn't stole it before. Ben doesn't understand it. Argit explains that the five pieces are very powerful on their own. He asks Argit if he knows where the pieces are. Argit reveals that the first part can be find on Earth. It seems that a fraction of Forever Knight posses a piece and now life on an island.

The Forever Knights

Ben arrives on the beach of the island and looks to the spire in the middle of the island. According to Argit should he find the piece there. But short after his arrival, he's attacked by a group of Forever Knights. After defeating them, he goes to interrogate one of them. He says that the only way to enter the spire is to find the Forever Key. To find the key he needs to travel to the Forever temple. From the moment, the interrogation has stopped, he hears a robotic voice. He claims to be the sixth member of the group, telling him he soon will be the other five. The five with the pieces. To discover who he is and where he needs to solve his riddles. Before the temple he faces again a group of Forever Knight. He enters the temple to only be locked in. But first he needs to go on. along the way he finds chests who grant him energy to upgrade his movements and attacks. He also find a chest with a Ultimatrix-symbol. By opening it, he gains Nanomech. It seems that the key is locked away, inside a giant clock. He needs to use Nanomech to get inside the clock and locate the key. To reach the key he needs to solve a puzzle by stopping the clock and changes the gears. He succeeds and gets the key. To leave the building he needs to set free and move a metallic cube to place it on a pressing plate. This is out of his reach and can only be completed by using lodestar. Before the building, a pack of Forever Knights is ready to rumble. Two of them use a Forever Knight Horse. After defeating them, a loud sound rips the sky. The Forever Knights are Testing a death ray and have destroyed an airplane. Ben gets through the death ray and after defeating the knights protecting it and completing a puzzle, he overrides the system. This gains him Jetray. On the plaza in front of the Forever Palace, a giant container is dropped by a helicopter. Inside the container sits Ah Puch. He breaks out and create a magic force field to prevent Ben from escaping. The trick to defeat Ah Puch are quick attacks before he can grab you. After doing enough damage a O or a B appears above his head. By pressing O or B, Ben will transforms in Four Arms (only if he isn't already Four Arms) and punch Ah Puch's face in the ground. This gives him Water Hazard. The gates opens and he faces another door. The door to the inner sanctum is locked and he need to retrieve 4 pieces of the key to open it. After visiting all four towers, he gets his key and open the gate. Their he faces Driscoll. he places his part of the stone in his harnass to power it up. During the battle, he loses pieces of his armor until Ben can grab the stone. Driscoll reacts angerly by his defeat and stated that he won't defeat Animo so easy. By defeating him, Ben obtains Humungousaur.

Dr. Animo

After joining Argit again, he tells him that the second member can be found on another mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle. His name is Dr. Animo...

Traveling with a stolen Forever Knight Plane, he arrives on the island. Before he can land, he's under attack of a giant mutant Seagull. With a quicktime event he escapes the beast and his crashing plane. He lands in a swamp. In the swamp he's attacked by some giant rats and eventually by two giant frogs. He faces a large wooden door but for an unknown reason, none of his heroes can break through it. Their is only some chest and one special chest similiar to the one found before by the forever knights. By opening it, he obtains Stinkfly. He finds a field with gas holders and needs to overload them in order to remove the magic that holds the gate shut. After completing this, he uses Swampfire the burn down the gate. He's attacked again by some swamp creatures and eventually attacked by the Swamp Beast. This creature can only be hurt by his chest and belly. Each time he lay s down on his stomach, he will produce gas grenades from the holes on his back. They need to be dodged or destroyed before impact because they do some serious damages. The battle ends with a quick-time event in which Ben as Swampfire ignites the creature's gas from with in, ripping open his shell and shows his real but very weak back. By punching the visible spinal cord, the beast goes down. This granted you Goop.

The defeat of this creature draws the attention of mutant seagull and after another quick-time event drops him in nest. The eggs starts to break and he's attacked by giant mutant chicks. After defeating them, the nest slips from the mountain. Fleeing form the big bird, he enters a strange factory. He is locked in again and discovers again giant eggs but only bigger and in a hatchmachine. By opening the chest, he becomes Grey Matter to enter the room. He must unlock the door of the room and pick up the eggs with humungousaur to drop them in a hole further up. The hole is filled with water and if the eggs gets to cold, they won't hatch. By breaking the eggs, they hatch all and defeat him. After completing this job his attacked by a giant mutant cockatiel. During his journey to the Animo's spire, he is attacked several times by these birds. On the head of cliff, he needs to fight the seagull and with Jetray or Stinkfly. The bird is defeated very easily but this isn't good news. The real boss battle is against the Quetzalcoatl.

It were her eggs you destroyed. After a tough battle, he defeats her by first jumping on her back and fly with her to the spire. But she crashed in sea with Ben who transforms in Water Hazard. To get to the inner sanctum of the island, he swims through a tunnel. There, he obtains Ripjaws. With Ripjaws, he needs to switch some guarded levers. The guards are giant Sewer rats called the Shrewster and some mutant fishes called Deep Dwellers. He successed and enters an underwater arena. Not seeing any threat, he swims to middle of the arena and looks how he can escape but he gets sucked by a giant sea beast: The Sub-Zero Manta. This is a battle against time, since the manta is freezing the water. If he isn't defeated within 15 minuts, Ben looses. Evade the ice projectiles and attacking when he is sucked by the creature close enough. In a QTE he climbs on the back of the creature and forces him to break the top of cave. This collapses and sends the manta down. Ben escapes as Terraspin and faces Animo's Citadel.

Inside the Citadel, he needs to fight with mutant rats, Deutalios. After fighting his way, he discovers Animo. He laughs at him and disappear in a elevator. From the moment Animo disappears, two giant Mantises approachs and duel start. After defeating them, a giant spider attacks him and kidnaps him to the ceilling. This creature is no boss, despite the fact it will be only faced once in the game. Ben defeated by throwing it to the clock of the citadel, who drops down together with the spider. When the spider is investigated, he finds a box on the back of the spider and he obtains Brainstorm. Their is a door in front of him that only opens when all five canisters with Animal DNA are found and placed in the right holders. With Brainstorm Intellect Vision (RB or R2), he can find the canisters in the citadel and place them in the right holder. The door opens and he enters an arena, similair to colosseum. Animo is sitting in throne, like an emperor.

Animo stands up and looks down at Ben. He's angered by Ben's effort to destroy his new hide-out and tries to ruin his plans. He says that Ben doesn't get the picture and switches a lever. With the words: "You should have visit the basement first", a giant scorpion enters the arena. It seems that Clancy have helped by the creation of this monstrosity. Ben needs to fight him by damaging his two only weakspots, the head and the tail. For attacking the head, he needs to evade the claws of beast. For the tail, he needs to wait until the beast, pierces his stinger in the ground. When he does this, Ben needs to wait, because the ground gets corrosive for a few minutes around the stinger. When he weakens him enough, the beast disappears in the sand and two smaller mutant scorpions join the battle. After defeating the little, the Ts-eh-Go, that's the giant scorpion returns. This happens three times. Just before delivering the final blow , Ts-eh-Go grabs Ben and tries to squeeze him. This unlocks the ultimate function. Ben transforms in Humungousaur and then Ultimate Humungousaur. He battles the scorpion by shooting rockets at him. (Shots from normal aliens, doesn't really cause damage) After this, he left the beast in the air, throwing it at Animo. The creature lands on Animo, trapping him underneath. Ben removes the necklace of Animo which is in fact, his piece of the jewel. He leaves the palace and wakes to the beach. After fighting numerious giant bees, he's attacked by three vicious mutant armodillos. After defeating them, he unlocks Cannonball. If he walks to group of palmtrees, he gets the opportunity to dig and finds a chest, containing Fasttrack and XLR8.

After joining up with Argit again, he acts strange. He refuses to help him further and says that it isn't safe for him to help. Suddenly, the plumbers bust in and it seems that Argit have sold him to them. Ben escapes through the roofs and steals a plumbership. He have found out by interogating Animo, that Albedo is the next target.


Ben crashes with on the surfaces of Lubea, the planet that Albedo uses as new hide-out. He lands on the garbage belt. He's attacked by a group of damaged robots and suddenly he hears the voice of Psyhon. "Tennyson, finally. I have been expecting you. But do you really think that I should let you enter so easy. Say to the big man, i said hello."

A pile of junk moves and under it, a giant robot awakes. It looks like cybertronic yeti. He grabs the plumbership and used it as a shield. Out another pile, he pull a old, long spacecraft, similar to the Rust Bucket 3. The boss battle begins. In order to defeat this enemy, he needs to use his Ultimate forms. The Robo Yeti uses the spacecraft as some kind of axe. He can only be damaged when his axe is stucked in the ground. In the 2nd round, he uses also misseles and minions but the minions can be used to throw against each other or to temporary knock out the Robo-yeti. After weaken him enough a O or B will appear above the head of the creature and the minions will go in self-destruct. Evade the explosion and press O or B. Ben will transform in Cannonbolt and then in Ultimate Cannonbolt. He rams through the chest of the robot with the word Hello. The robot collapses and Ben is holding a canister, containing the DNA Sample of NRG. To enter the tower of Psyphon he needs to defeat a group of hammer wielding robots but they are protected by a special layer of metal with can only be destroyed by an alien with heat powers. Swampfire seems to be impossible, because he isn't protected against the lightning that strikes when it sense something organic. (NRG can't be spot, because of his suit.) He melt his way and see a caged door. Behind it their is a chest and a door but he can't enter it yet. He is under attack of laser guns which he needs to destroy (inside the tower, there's no lightning bolts). He fights of a bunch of little drones and finds another gate with chest behind. This one needs a code, an answer on the question: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who the creator of this all. By answering right, the door will open and give you a box. If he opens the box, he obtain Echo Echo. He runs on a stair and face off with some R.E.D's. After he defeats them, a puzzle blocks his way. By using the magnetic powers of Lodestar, he needs to change several compartiments, the problem is, he is under attack of some robots and eventually Galvan Mechamorphs. The gate will open and let him proceed to a second room. The room is filled by Robotic Dragon Statues and will blaze fire to him as he tries to pass. So he needs to use an alien who can resist fire and heat. Again, he is under attack and if he doesn't finish the room in 10 minutes, the dragons will explode and destroy the room with everyone in it. On the end of the room, there is a lever that stops the countdown sequence. For the third room, he gets an new alien. Ditto. He needs activate 3 pressingsplates. He needs to this 5 times, and the pressingsplates are on every different locations. For each pair of three, he needs to press a button, but very quickly or he restart the challenge. This can also be done by Echo Echo, if he's already unlocked.

After this challenge, he enters a arena. Psyphon voice is heard, telling him that he have little surprise from him. He want to see who's the best fighter. The circle in the middle of the arena opens and a creature rises. It is Kolar! His four arms are chained, just like his feet and around his neck, he have collar. "Ready to wake him up, are we." Psyphon activated the collar, given Kolar a electric shock. Kolar wakes up and sees Ben. Psyphon gives him another shock and Kolar tries to break free and their by rips a piece rock out the plate he's standing on. He does this four times and pull off the chains on his feet. He grabs the collar and rips it from his neck, vowing that he will get after Psyphon after he defeat Tennyson.

The stone on the chains are used as maces. Ben needs to fight with a strenght alien in order to defeat his mighty opponent. Each time he succesfully damaged Kolar enough, a O or B will appear above the head of Kolar. By pressing the O or B button, Ben can rip two chains of Kolar's hands and rocks extend on chains out to each side, then slam together into Kolar's head, crumbling the stone and doing some severe damage to Kolar. After his maces are destroyed, he forces Ben to become Four Arms and the real battle begins. It ends Kolar who looks dizzy, grabbed by Ben and smashed to a steal door. The impact of the hit knocks Kolar unconsious and the door falls down under Kolar.

A new puzzle appears and this time, the goal is very high. He need to disarm a sub-energy bomb from the inside. If he fails, the rocket will be launched to Bellwood. As Grey Matter, he needs to change several parts of the rocket and the system will he's under attack by little robots. During his quest to disarm the bomb, he finds in after a hidden doorway, a box. It contains Upchuck (PS3) or Eatle (X-Box 360) After disarming the bomb, he finds a airshaft that can be used to find Psyphon. Psyphon anticapited this and used a beam to lock Ben in Grey Matter. So he needs to fight a giant Psyphon. He needs to take cover and prevent his huge enemy from seeing him.Psyphon also used his 'pest control' drones, which shoots laser at Ben. As Grey Matter he needs to get up a drone, without Psyphon seeing him. Whe he stands on a drone, he can enter it and attack Psyphon. Psyphon will react after a while and set the drone into self destruct. Ben escapes and needs to hijack another drone. In the final stage of the battle, Psyphon destroys every other drone and fight Ben personally. Ben needs to destroy the locking device around Psyphon's neck. He succeeds and Psyphon is covered in smoke cloud. With a quicktime event, where he needs to dodge Psyphon's Laser beams and finally become Ultimate Humungousaur, he shoots back at Psyphon, defeating him. He tells him that his next target will be Vulkanus. Ben doesn't understand why Psyphon said that so quickly but thinks the alien is just cowardly.


Vulkanus' new base of operation is a volcanic island on Terradino. It seems that he have find Taydenite. Ben lands on the island and is attacked by a group of pikeaxe aliens. Ben defeat them easily and enters the mine. He needs to use Jetray to get down but during the travel through the mineshaft, he needs to evade pipes, sharp rocks and other blockades placed by the miners. Down the mine, he finds a car with Taydenite with he can react with. If he do, he unlocks Diamondhead but this alien isn't necessary. He is attacked by several pikeaxe aliens and some Pyronite-employees. They can't be used to unlock Heatblast. He needs to slide over a cliff of molten lava and enters a circle with minecars. Vulkanus is filling some boxes when he notice Ben form coming. Asking him, if he's here to ruin his businnes again, he still fill the boxes. Ben tries to attack him as Humungousaur but is stopped by another Vaxasaurian. Vulkanus laughs and take an mine elevator and says to Ben, to play nice. Tje Vaxasaurian has two associates. After defeating him, he hears Vulkanus' voice through the intercom, asking him if he though things should be that easy. A giant container drops and from inside the box crawls, Ultimate Humungousaur (the one of Ultimate Sacrifice). He wears a mind-controlling head bandage. Ben needs to defeat him and destroy the bandage. The problem is that the bandage is the only thing that really cause damage when hit. Shooting attacks of any of his aliens are ineffective if they don't hit the bandage. He succesfully destroys it and free his old pal.

Vulkanus' scream is heard while Ultimate Humungousaur teleports away. Ben tries to get the elevator but inside the elevator, waits a Techadon Robot. Ben needs to defeat it to proceed. Inside the elevator, he is under attack by some pikeaxe aliens who trie to drop the elevator. After a while they succesfully let the elevator drop. By jumping just in time (press the X button when it appears on the screen), he escapes death as the elevator splinters begin him. It's hot down there and he notice a river of lava. He proceed to the mine and sees a lot of miners. After a while, he's under attack by two techadons but is able to destroy them by forcing them into the lava. There are many machines and drills and to proceed, he needs to destroy them all, to clean his path. During the rampage, we hear Vulkanus mocking and screaming. In something that looks a control room, something that's hanging above a lava river, he sees him. Ben goes to investigate and discovers that the thing he saw, was just a empty suit.

A very familiar voice is heard: "Tennyson, YOU sent be to the Null Void, but my vengeance will be sweet! I SEND YOU TO OBLIVION! WELCOME TO HELL!!!" An explosion is heard and the complete control room ends in a fireball. We sees Ben as Goop hanging on a part of the legde of the control room. He transforms back to Ben and with a quicktime event, he climbs up and enters the now destroyed control room. He transforms in to Brainstorm to investigate the crime scene with his Intelect vision. He discovers a bomb shell and finds out, it was used by Sunder. While traveling through the mine and further destroying the enviroment, he finds a ladder. When he climbs, he finds a room with Vulkanus part of the sacred stone. Sunder is holding the piece and stated that he should have know that a pest like Ben doesn't die easily. He jumps on his hoverboard and chases away, Ben follows him as Jetray.

During the chase, you needs to shoot at Sunder's hover board and tries to dodge his grenades and the things he destroys on his way. If you cause enough damage, he will land on the beginning of a train sequence and when you lands, a train will be sent your way. This is Sunder's last attempt to 'send you to hell'. Ben needs to travel quickly through the train, which hanging down above the lava. Each time, he gets in next cabin, the previous will break loose and drop into the lava. When there is only two cabins left, Sunder smash with his axe to the support beam and sent Ben's Cabin into the lava. With a quicktime event, Ben escapes such fate and needs to fight Sunder. After a very short battle Sunder escapes, stating that the Ghost will be happy. Ben gains Armodrillo

Vulkanus part of the stone is taken by Sunder, the mine is destroyed, now he needs to find Vulkanus for more information. By climbing through the lift shaft, he finds Vulkanus who smiles when he sees him. "Well, well. Tennyson. It seems that Zs'kayr has sent Sunder to retrieve my piece? How unexpected, isn't it." "Wait, why are you telling me this? Are you afraid, I go to kick your but?

"No, I want to see what will happen first. You get to Zs'kayr or the Plumbers get to you. I bet the second, since they will arrive... now should I say..."

Ben needs to flee again and picks one of Vulkanus his ships, after losing his heat, he enters the Anur System...


From the moment he enters the Anur System, the plumbers stops their chase. Ben lands on Anur Phaetos close to a bone-like castle. This can only be the throne of Zs'skayr. He enters the domain and is challenged by his cruel host. He needs to pass 9 rings and uses his skills. But the amount of Aliens are limited. He can only use 9 aliens: Armodrillo, Swampfire, Chamalien, Four-Arms, Water Hazard, Ditto, NRG, Goop and Lodestar. During a challenge, he can't switch his alien.

1st ring: Limbo

He needs to defeat every minion in the arena but from the moment he hears a weird sound, he needs to jump when a red laser passes by. This laser knocks everyone in the ring unconsious. But if Ben is hit, the minions will finish him.

2nd ring: Lust

This is a mini-boss battle with Elena Validus and her minions. The catch of the battle is Julie. A healed bar appears above the arena, each time Ben looses health, Elena gets more health and vice versa. If Ben looses health, the cage where Julie is trapped in, drops a bit. Under the cage, there's a big hole. If Ben looses the battle, the chain of the cage will break and the cage will drop. Since the former relationship between Elena and Ben, there's no finishing move.

3th ring: Gluttony

He needs to defeat three layers of hungry aliens, the first are havoc beasts (a pack of 15, with 3 respawning so 5 a time), the second series are Vulpimancers (a pack of 20, with 4 respawning so 5 a time), the last series are Wigsilian Org Beasts ( a pack of 6 with 2 respawning so 3 a time.)

4th ring: Greed

He needs to defeat the 3 Sanctuary Guards and re-obtain their eyes. When they are nearly defeated an eye drops down, so you can stop them by putting the eye in place

5th ring: Anger

This is a mini-boss battle with Darkstar. During the battle he tries to absorb your energy.

6th ring: Hesery

He needs to defeat 20 members of the Flamekeeper's Circle while they can travel to parallell dimensions. This is a challenge with a time limit, you get 180 seconds to do the job.

7th ring: Violence

This is a endurance round of circa 15 minutes where you fight enemies in several layers. The further you come the tougher they get. Each time you lose , you needs to restart this 7th ring.

8th ring: Fraud

When Ben enters the ring, the inner dome opens itself and reveals Kevin. He is chained from wrists and ankles. Before him, there's a piece of Taydenite. Drones enters the arena and the chains pull Kevin through the Taydenite, forcing him to touch it. Like in Kevin's Big Score, he needs to absorb it and become a pile of Taydenite. Ben needs to fight with the drones and defeat them, before Kevin pushes him form the plateau. To prevent this Ben needs to throw the drones against the growing Taydenite. Mostly will be pierced of the gem and blow up, destroying a part of crystal (the piercing part is the reason why I use drones, it could be too graphic otherwise).

9th ring: Treachery

Ben frees Kevin form his chains and helps him up his feet. But before Ben can ask him anything, Kevin's eyes start to glow red. He absorb some part of the floor and the battle begins. The first time Kevin have absorb metal. When Ben knocks Kevin to the ground he will be stuned for a second and then grabs the ground. The floor is made out three materials: Lead, stone and the inner ring is made out Taydenite. If Kevin grabs the stone (the biggest part of the arena is made of rock), his hands will become hammers, if he grabs one of 3 lead rings, they become blades and if he grabs the Taydenite, they become claws. The hammers are the easiest to dogde, followed by the blades which makes the claws the toughest weapons.

After defeating Kevin, he comes back to sense. He tells him that they had discovered that someone infiltrated the plumber organization and framed Ben for the terrible robbery. They tried to arrest Ben so they could together search who's begin this. But since Ben flees before they could 'arrest' him, made that impossible. Gwen should be somewhere around here too, he claims so now they need to find her as well before facing Zs'Skayr.

They open a door that leads to weird arena flanked by three towers that forms a Y. In the center of the arena, Gwen is caged in a lightning cell, unable to free herself. Ben and Kevin needs to destroy all three switches to do this. All the three switches are in a different tower. After fighting their way up in the first tower, they enter a room with a huge electricity source. Then they are attacked by the Yenaldooshi, who throws Kevin in a room and locks the door. Then Ben needs to fight with the Yenaldooshi who uses his powerful howl. Fighting him as his powerhouse aliens is effective but the wolf is very agile and can easily dodge most of Ben's moves and attacks directly after. After 5 minutes, Kevin will stand up and uses the bolt machine to electrocute the wolf. The player can control this by activating it from the moment that wolf is on the blue glass part of the floor and the meter is filled, he needs to press the R1 or RB button (he can't use his shooting attacks because it could destroy the machinery and trap Gwen for ever). In the final stage of the battle, the Yenaldooshi uses his howl to destroy the bolt machine, leaving Ben on his own. Ben nearly defeats him as the wolf jumps at him and tries to claw and bite him. This has to be evaded during the quicktime event and after succesfully completing this, Ben becomes Benwolf and uses his howl to blow the attacker through the window of the tower sending him down to Earth. He lies unconsious, close to Gwen's cage. It seems that the destruction has caused a malfunction of the power source and a glowing dot on the cage turns black. The next tower that must be took out the left tower. This tower is filled with booby traps. Then they see the switch they need. It is on a display and seems to be placed in a labyrant. Ben steps forwards into the labyrant and the labyrant closed. He needs to find a way out of the labyrant to retrieve the switch. But during his attempts to get out and gain the switch. Ben faces several times The Mummy in the labyrant. Each time he defeat him, he can swith a lever and the labyrant will change. In the end of the labyrant, he needs to fight the Mummy for the last time and he activates a Null Void generator. With a quick time event Ben defeats him and throws him in the Null Void and takes the switch. The Labyrant disappears and he can left the place. Ben switches the button, leaving only the middle tower to be conquered. The middle tower is so designed that only Ben can enter the tower, as Grey Matter or Nanomech. He needs to solve several High Tech Puzzles before a door opens and leads to an arena. In the middle of the arena sits King Vicktor in his throne. From the moment Ben enters the arena, the door closes. His breath forms a could, indicating it's cold in the room Vicktor mocks him that it is payback time and uses laser to get the ultimatrix. Ben transforms immediatly in Benvicktor and can't change during the whole match. Zs'skay's voice is heard, saying him that wasn't part of the deal. He should prevent Ben from transforming, not give him more weapons to fight. Vicktor bans his voice out and the battle begins. After causing enough damage, Vicktor uses a machine to get more energy. From now on, if the machine turns green, Ben has to stop Vicktor or even replace him under the power supply to get extra health. In the end of the battle, Ben destroys the machine and an electric bolt hits the laser device, which breaks. Enraged by this, Vicktor grabs the machine and pulls it down to throw it to Ben. Ben transforms in Heatblast and melt it. Through the icy temperatures, the molten steel solidify immediatly, trapping King Vicktor once again. Ben picks up the control switch and use it to unlock the door and deactivate Gwen's cage.

The arena starts to change, the towers disappears and a huge citadel appears. On top of the citadel we see a mysterious figure. Very muscular who carries long stick. He looks at them, take his weapon, aim and fire at Gwen. Kevin, absorbs the stone of the floor and jumps in front of her. The projectile seems to be a little and knocking Kevin back, hitting Gwen. Ben transforms into Jetray and follows the mysterious villain. He shoots again and hits Gwen with a dart. Ben lands before him and recognize him as Sunder. Sunder tells him that the projectiles contained a toxin specially designed for Anodites. If it hits something that hasn't Anodite inheritance, will simple explode but if it hits an anodite, he or she shall die in 2 hours without medical treatment. But Ben is not going to leave. Sunder jumps at Ben pushing him through the roof. The citadel is a gothic like nightmare. Kevin calls to Ben that he have to continue alone, he will help Gwen. Knowning that Sunder somewhere in the citadel too, and possibly Zs' skayr. He have to solve several puzzles usin his alien powers. Most puzzles are similar to previous puzzles, only more complex and difficult. Suddenly Sunder approaches and nearly behead him. He calls several robotic servants to help him and starts fighting Ben himself. Trying to catch a drone to throw it to Sunder, is ineffective since he will slay them in half before impact. To hurt him, you have to go Ultimate and in the meantime while you fill your ultimate meter, tries avoid hitting Sunder's attacks. In the end, Ben will take him down and smashs him to the back of the room. A voice in his head tells him to kill Sunder for his crime. Ben tries to ban the voice and simply knock Sunder unconsious. "Pity...So pity..." After defeating Sunder, he obtains AmpFibian. To end up in the final arena, Ben has to solve several puzzles with can only be solved using the alien he obtained during his stay in Zs'skayr's domain. Ben walks to the darkling, who's sitting in a throne and laughing at him. After have some quick words, Zs'skayr attacks him but is defeated after a short fight. Zs'skayr begs to stop before he opens a portal which pulls Ben into it. Ben grabs Zs'skayr with him, who screams in agony while entering the place.

Ben looks around and sees old temples and dark buildings. Everywhere, they're shadows. Zs'skayr is gone. As Ben is walking through this weird looking place, he looks up into the air and opens his eyes, shocked by what he witness. Zs'skayr is bounded by a weird shadow and looks like being unconsious. "It was you, it was from the beginning you. I should have know it. You will pay!" Diagon appears and laughs. "It is you, who will pay for your crimes Tennyson. Do you have any idea how much efforts I have done for this little get together. I shall punish for locking me up in hear." "I shall defeat you again, just like before!"

"No, you won't, you can't!" A group of Flamekeeper Circle guards attacks him. He defeat them without much effort and Diagon disappears from the sky. He lands on the field while looking similar to Vilgax-Lucubra but with his original powers and a sword. "Let's dance!" During this intense battle, Ben has to fight the very powerful Diagon and his minions, Flamekeeper Circle guards and Lucubras. Before he can finish him, Zs'skayr breaks free from his chains and attack his former master with the words betrayer. He grabs the sword and drives it through his heart. Diagon screams and this appears in a firy explosion. Ben and Zs'skayr wakes up in a church and Ben is the first to stand up. "Why does it allways had to end in a church?" Ben quickly transforms in Humungosaur and then in Ultimate Humungosaur after he sees Zs'skayr moves. "Did you really though I was so easily bested? I was all part of MY plan. Now, I have the sword with the essence of Diagon. You can't defeat me." "I Can And I Will!" Ben fires rockets at Zs'skayr but they all miss. "Is that the best you can do, you don't even hit me!" "I Wasn't aiming for you!" The windows burst and allow the sunlight to shine in. Zs'skayr burns quickly by the contact with the sun and the sword with crystal in drops, breaking the stone. No one can ever us it again to threat the universe. He leaves the church and we hear him calling Kevin who confirmed everything would be OK with Gwen and that the plumber should no longer hunt him.


Trophy Batly Injured
Batly Injured Defeat the Bagorah Gold
Trophy A Little Surprise
A Little Surprise Obtain Nanomech Bronze
Trophy Like the clock ticks
Like The Clock Ticks Complete the clock puzzle Bronze
Trophy Dea(d th) Ray
Dea(d/th) Ray Destroy the Forever Knight Death ray Bronze
Trophy Feel those horses
Feel those Horses Destroy 10 Forever Knight Horse tanks Bronze
Trophy Beat the Legend
Beat the Legend Defeat Ah Puch Silver
Trophy Hazard Zone
Hazard Zone Obtain Water Hazard Silver
Trophy Knightmare
Knightmare Defeat 100 Forever Knights Silver
Trophy Kingsized
Kingsized Defeat Driscoll Silver
Trophy A Jetset
A Jetset Obtain Jetray Bronze
Trophy Call of the Dinosaur
The Call of the Dinosaur Obtain Humungousaur Bronze
Trophy Humungouscore
Humungouscore Defeat 1000 enemies only using Humungousaur Silver
Unlock the gates
Unlock the gates Retrieve all 4 parts of the Forever Key Silver
Trophy Stings like a stinkfly
Stings like a Stinkfly Obtain Stinkfly Bronze
Trophy Fuel the Gas
Fuel the Gas Solve the methane puzzle Silver
Trophy Pest Control
Pest Control Defeat 100 giant rats Silver
Trophy Someone for Frog Legs
Someone for Frog Legs? Defeat 10 Mutant Frogs Silver
Trophy Beware of the Creeper
Beware of the Creeper Defeat the Swamp-Beast Silver
Trophy Oh My Goop
Oh My Goop Obtain Goop Bronze
Trophy Nothing Else Matters
Nothing Else Matters Obtain Grey Matter Bronze
Trophy Walking on Eggs
Walking on eggs Solve the egg puzzle Silver
Trophy Good with Birds
Good with Birds Defeat the Quetzalcoatl Gold
Trophy Solar Power
Solar Power Obtain Heatblast Bronze
Trophy Turn on the Heat
Turn on the heat Defeat 1000 enemies only using Heatblast Silver
Trophy Open the Gates
Open the Gates Solve the Flood Gates puzzle Bronze
Trophy Catch of the Day
The Catch of the Day Obtain Ripjaws Bronze
Trophy R.I.P. Jaws
R.I.P Jaws Defeat 100 enemies with Ripjaws in the water Gold
Trophy Sub Zero-ed
Sub-Zero-ed Defeat the Sub-Zero Manta Silver
Trophy Time-Out 1
Time-out 1 Defeat the Sub-Zero Manta in 15 minutes Bronze
Trophy Time-Out 2
Time-out 2 Defeat the Sub-Zero Manta in 10 minutes Silver
Trophy Time-Out 3
Time-out 3 Defeat the Sub-Zero Manta in 5 minutes Gold
Trophy Blow me Away
Blow Me Away Obtain Terraspin Silver
Trophy Let's Brainstorm
Let us Brainstorm Obtain Brainstorm Bronze
Trophy The Genetic Key
The Genetic Key Solve the genetic door puzzle Bronze
Trophy Heads or Tails
Heads or Tails Defeat the Ts-eh-Go Silver
Trophy Ultimate Hero
Ultimate Hero Obtain the ultimate function Bronze
Trophy Day on the beach
A Day on the Beach Escape from the Island Bronze
Trophy Aim the cannon
Aim the Cannon Obtain Cannonbolt Bronze
Trophy Most Wanted Hero
Most Wanted Hero Escape with a plumber ship to Lubea Silver
Trophy (C)y(ber)eti
(C)y(ber)eti Defeat the Robo-yeti Gold
Trophy Robot slayer
Robot Slayer Destroy 100 robots Bronze
Trophy Energetic
Energetic Obtain NRG Bronze
Trophy Double or nothing
Double or Nothing Obtain Ditto Bronze
Trophy with 3 hand on your back
With 3 hands on your back Defeat Kolar Silver
Trophy A little reunion
A Little Reunion Defeat Psyphon Gold
Trophy Ultimate Re-match
Ultimate re-match Defeat Ultimate Humungousaur Silver
Trophy Hell can wait
Hell can wait Escape the control room Bronze
Trophy Don't you min(e)d
Don't you min(e)d Destroy everything in the volcanic Mine Silver
Trophy Retrieve from Sunder
Retrieve from Sunder Defeat Sunder Silver
Trophy 9 Circles of Hell
9 Circles of Hell Complete 9 hell trails Gold
Trophy The boy who cried wolf
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Defeat the Yenaldooshi Bronze
Trophy Under the Wraps
Under the Wraps Defeat the Mummy Bronze
Trophy Frankenstone
Frankenstone Defeat King Victor Bronze
Trophy Halloween eve
Halloween Eve Defeat the Halloween Trio without being defeated Gold
Trophy Ultimate Humungouscore
Ultimate Humungoscore Defeat 1000 enemies only using Ultimate Humungousaur Gold
Trophy Deeply Shocked
Deeply Shocked Obtain AmpFibian Silver
A Troubled Mine Defeat 100 pickaxe aliens Bronze
Ghost Stories Defeat 100 Zs'skayr minions Bro,nze
Are You Scared? Defeat Zs'skayr Bronze
Hero Time Complete the game at Normal Bronze
A True Hero Complete the game at Hard Silver
Hero of Heroes Complete the game at Very Hard Gold
A Complex Mind Solve all Albedo riddles Silver
Wielder of the Omnitrix Complete the Challenges of the Omnitrix Silver
Wielder of the Ultimatrix Complete the Challlenges of the Ultimatrix Silver
Full Arsenal Collect every Alien in the game Silver
A doctor of heroes Collect all Heart Stones Bronze
The Ultimate prize Collect all Trophies Platinum

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  • The Yenaldooshi, The Mummy, King Vicktor, Elena Validus and Darkstar are mini-bosses.
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