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The Alien Data Packets are a series of prerecorded messages initially created by Azmuth to help Ben learn about his new aliens granted to him within the T2 Omnitrix's first playlist. They are stored within the memory banks of the Stardust and, by extension, of Sadie.


The dialogue in the data packets is not directly credited as with most Earth-1010 stories. Instead, they are simply coloured. Any actions or context will appear in boxes, such as the colour key below.

Ben Tennyson

Data Packets

Playlist 1
This Data Packet was first accessed in In The Shadow Of Vilgax

If I’ve judged you right, Ben, this will be the first alien you’ll ask about. That’s why I’m recording this one first.


Well the short answer is I have no idea what this alien is or what it is capable of. I’ve done preliminary tests with this alien and I know it’s safe to use. If it becomes dangerous at any point or you have any concerns, ask SD-1 and she can lock it away for you.

So since I know nothing about this alien you at least deserve to know where it came from. Well the simple answer is it came from the Codon Stream. I’m currently looking for how, why, and where. It was found by one of my Biopsis drones just floating in the genepools. For now I’m going to be calling it the Codon Entity. I can’t trace its evolutionary history to any of the species present in the stream, and I can’t find any archived samples similar to it either. The closest DNA sample I could find was Xenocyte DNA, at a 1 percent match. To give you an example of how insignificant that is, the Homo Sapien genome is give-or-take 60% identical to the Earth fruit you call Bananas. Don’t ask why I know that.

That's it. He doesn't say anything else about Hivemind.

So we're unique?

Totally and completely.

Grimstone / Triedge
This Data Packet was first accessed in In The Shadow Of Vilgax

I... I was told this one came from the Anur system. At least, that’s what Myaxx said. Look, I’m going to play this one straight. This DNA sample cannot be stored in the Codon Stream. I’ve made sure it’s safe, as I do all DNA the stream accepts, but when near other genetic samples… The other samples die. I want to know absolutely everything about this alien. I need to know what dangers it poses.

Is that it? That didn't tell me anything!

I’m afraid so. Sorry, Ben, I don’t know anything else either.

Fantastic. Our most dangerous alien and not a single person knows anything about it. Inspector 13 seemed to know what he could do, but we’re not going back to Earth just to find out.

This Data Packet was first accessed in In The Shadow Of Vilgax,
however relayed in an abridged manner. It was later played back at regular speed.

Okay I played this one for you earlier so I think it's only fitting I play it first but this time so that you can actually understand it.

Another more recently discovered species, what you’re looking at here is a Cranvius Sapient. Or a Cranvius Sapience. I don’t care, the name confuses me. This species lives solitary lives among the bonefields of the graveyard planet Cranvius. They seem to collect bones and attach them to their own bodies as an extra layer of defense. For sake of authenticity I’ve made this sample modifiable in case you end up adding bones you find on your adventures.

I can’t say I know much about this species. They are excellent builders, known for constructing effigies of themselves to distract predators. They can climb vertically using the sticky pads on their arms and legs. Lastly they seem to have an uncanny precognitive ability for danger, which seems to be why they’re so hard to find. I definitely want you to test that ability for me, it could prove very useful- or very detrimental- for building defensive systems in the future.

Cool, that definitely sounds more useful than I first thought this guy was gonna be.

Any thoughts on a name?

Uhhh... Well he sounds pretty smart, and he can climb up sheer walls. How about Vertebrain?

"Vertebra" is the name of a single segment of the backbone in most vertebrate species.

Oh hey so the name is even more fitting! What do you think, Sadie?

I mean, I think naming your aliens is dumb and you're gonna forget half of them by the time you've even reached a tenth of your potential with that device but it works I suppose.


I think we'll both echo Azmuth's thoughts on this one.

Well I suppose I should get this one out of the way. This alien is a Hamsapien from the planet (he sighs heavily and puts his palm to his face) Bacos Four. I swear the intern that told me that very almost saw the end of his career.

Hamsapiens are highly heat-resistant and relatively strong. Relative to you or I, anyway. I’d say out of the ten I gave you he’ll rank around fifth weakest. But hey, he made the top six at least. He can produce wax from his back and the holes in his palms. As long as the wax is liquid, you can manipulate it as you please.

Oh and make sure no one touches your back unless they can handle their heat. It’s covered in molten wax, and your internal body temperature is high enough to kill most mammals and keep that wax liquid.

Yeah you're right. I already knew how to use this alien. Who names a planet after bacon anyway?

The Bacos star and its associated planets were named prior to the evolution of the Hamsapien species 9500 Earth years ago. The Hamsapiens adopted this name later.

How the hell does a species fully evolve not only to become sentient but to the point of being space-faring in only nine millennia?

You're making a few assumptions there. Most notably that all of the species in the Codon Stream are space-faring. The Hamsapiens are not space-faring, just very friendly and talkative.

To answer your question, it is commonly believed that the rapid evolution of the Hamsapiens was a result of a detonation of a Sapience Bomb during the Heaven Wars.

Wait how do you know that? That's such an oddly specific piece of trivia that I doubt Azmuth would've programmed you with if he wasn't going to include it in the data packet.

I have been piggy-backing off of your connection to the Extranet to research the answer to Ben's question.

You cheeky shit!


Oh hey I should have asked about this guy sooner.

See this is an interesting sample. Well, so are most of the aliens here that’s the whole point of this specific playlist. Save for one or two aliens here to balance out your power set. I’m rambling, anyway...

This alien is… sort of a lie. He’s not an alien, nor are you really in control. You’re controlling the main computer within, the body is controlled by its pilots. Let me explain: This sample is a Colony-Class Faratin Dreadnought. The key part of that is the ‘Colony-Class’ part. It’s a ship. A vessel. Containing some of the last living Faratin in the universe, a thriving colony of three. ...They have small colonies by most standards. The Faratin themselves are stored within the same context that you yourself, Ben, are stored within the Omnitrix while transformed. As a sort of… screenshot, a photograph, of what you are as opposed to a string of numbers representing your genetic makeup.

Now this is nothing to worry about. The Faratin maintain your Dreadnought’s body in-battle, though they try to keep themselves hidden. They’re not going to countermand you, I’ve promised them that if they do I’ll remove them from the database permanently. Just try and keep your suit airtight, they’re not too comfortable in the same atmosphere as you or I.

That only raised more questions. Who are they and why are they in the Omnitrix in a trio and a mech suit? Why not just have one of them like with the rest of the aliens?

The Faratin are officially extinct. The Colony would be enough to restore their entire species.

Yeah but I could also just generate an entire colony using the Omnitrix as with other species. Being an Arc for the DNA of extinct species is one of the 'trix's functions.

The Faratin approached Azmuth with this request specifically.

But why did Azmuth go along with it? He knows I've had problems with other individuals being alive inside my Omnitrixes before!

Data insufficient.

Azmuth does something dumb, cryptic, and-slash-or dangerous and doesn't tell anyone why. Story of my life.


Now this one’s a weird one. A T’zun Army. See, we’ve known about their species for at least a few millenia now, but since travel into the T’zeen Nebula has only been made possible recently -with permission from the Precipi Proximity- no one knew that’s where they came from. I should note we didn’t know they called themselves the T’zun Army until after the venture into the Nebula, they called themselves ‘The Army’ before then and the Proximity stuck with it.

I’m rambling, the point is you’re made of living water. I don’t care enough to study T’zun biology myself, not sure if anyone else on this planet is looking into that either. You are water and can do everything that that entails. I don’t know how that works. Just… I don’t know, just go about your heroics and let me know how it goes.


Now. This is a species I don’t know anything about. Luckily, my former assistant here is more knowledgeable than I am on the matter.

“Former assistant”? Is that all I am to you? So what is it you want from me anyway? I explain this alien to the help for the sake of five years added onto my biological clock?

That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?

It can’t be.


That sounded like Albedo.


An old friend of mine. He’s imprisoned in a twelve-year-old version of my body… And also in an actual Galvan prison.

Hmmph. So what do you need to know about the Sentient Chemicoal?

Just some trivia and a rundown of their powers. Any weaknesses too, if you know them.

Very well. The Sentient Chemicoal are a small protected race on the engine world of Chemicon X, both named after the abundant resource of the substance known as 'Chemicoal'. As the name suggests, a potent fuel. Chances are you'll never meet one of these in the wild, the Ornithis keep them well guarded.

The Chemicoal are effectively living crystals, capable of telekinetic manipulation. It is important to realise that this ability is what holds you afloat, so if this ability is ever somehow nullified you would collapse and be left paralysed. It cost me a LOT of money to acquire this form for you back when I worked for Azmuth. I think that's all you need to know.

Thank you, Albedo. Why is how much you paid relevant?

Because if he damages this DNA sample I'm going to---

The recording cuts out. Ben leans back in his seat in the Stardust.

Well. That's interesting. Didn't expect to hear his voice again anytime soon.


The Vesuviusapiens come from the planet Chione in the Hephaestus system. Around three light years away from the T’zeen Nebula, as a matter of fact.

This species has the special ability of generating and detonating rock and magma within their hands, effectively allowing them to create stones that they throw like grenades. They can also just leave the minerals they generate in a lava-like state and throw that as well, of course. This is one of the aliens I threw in to balance out your abilities as not to impede your heroism.

I feel like listening to this one was a waste of time. Geothermite is, like, my most used alien in this playlist so far.

Well excuse me for trying to be helpful.

Barrier Reef

Woah I don’t think I’ve even scrolled past this alien yet!

Coral Titanoforms. Native to the vast oceans of Aquillis where they act as guardians of the ecosystem, going to great lengths to maintain the strength of the less mobile coral reefs. They’ve even been known to tear apart villages that they found built within reefs if they feel that they threaten the life there. According to the Teslamorpha, they can turn water to glass. I don’t think that’s how they work, but it’s worth testing for me.

As far as I can tell, though, this alien’s biology is VERY similar to the coral found in the oceans of both Aquillis and Earth. So be careful, if you get too stressed you may just drop dead. Temperature changes can also be fatal, though the T2 is designed to alter your genetic sample each time it is generated to be fine with the current ambient temperature to an extent.

Stress can be fatal? That's not very helpful when I use my aliens to fight a lot.

Based on what I know about the Titanoforms I don't think he means that kind of stress. I think he means more like physical stress, if that makes sense?

Not really but I'll take your word for it. I'll be careful when I decide to use this guy.


I'm a big FAN of this guy!

Believe me I am really REALLY tempted to just blow the airlock wide open right now.


I, well, Um. Albedo, do you know anything about this robot?

Unlike most of the recordings, which had shown a 3D model of Azmuth and/or the
alien in question, this projection was of a 2D screen. It showed Azmuth, sitting
in his lab. The camera pans across to show Albedo- now in the body of a 17 year old
Ben- studying a motionless robot, identical in appearance to Fanfare, bar clothing.

Why do you have a robot if you don't know where it came from? Why did you put a robot you don't know anything about into the Omnitrix?

I wanted to experiment with putting different kinds of sapient beings into the Codon Stream. Computer, do you know anything about it?

A computer suddenly blares into life, with a chipper and upbeat voice.

Greetings First Thinker Azmuth! That droid was a gift from the Kerotopsidians, as a token of good will!

Anything else?

The Kerotopsids come from an environment of extreme gravity, so it stands to reason that this droid would possess the ability to survive there.

Kerotopsidians? They're from the Triangulum Galaxy aren't they?

I believe so.

They are indeed.

I didn't know you were branching out.

Well, I had to eventually.

Playlist 2


  • The Alien Data Packets are heavily inspired by the Alien Worlds shorts from the Reboot.