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Ben 10: Road Trip
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Creator Aaronbill3
Co-Writers TBA
Art Designer(s) and Others Aaronbill3
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Seasons 2
Episodes 15
Created on 09/04/2016
Rating TV-14
Preceeded By Death of Ben 10
Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben 10: Road Trip is a series by Aaronbill3 that follows Ben Tennyson during his Galactic Road Trip. It shall deal heavily with the consequences of Ben 10: Omniverse, Death of Ben 10, and Ben 10: Reboot Revolution.

Ben 10: Road Trip was April 2019's Featured Series!


Ben embarks on his Galactic Road Trip, albeit under different circumstances to what he initially envisioned. What was supposed to be a fantastic vacation turns into a desperate battle to prevent the universe from being torn apart. From civil wars to a new Time War, does Ben have the power and tact to save the galaxy from itself?


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  • Road Trip was announced way before Reboot Revolution was announced, about a year before RR actually started releasing episodes.