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Ben 10: Rise of Nebula is the sequel to Ben 10 In Your Pocket!. It is yet another handheld game, played on a dedicated system. The game was created to allow people to play against one of Ben's real enemies, and to use Ben's aliens under their correct names. The game will be released sometime in 2013.


A new villain, Nebula, arrives in Bellwood, baring "gifts" known as Nebulon Robots. Stop them, so you can get to Nebula before he escapes!

New Omnitrix Aliens[]

The main point of the game is the Omnitrix. It has its own dial on the physical handheld system. You can choose 10 out of the following to be your permanent set (unless you reset the system).

Ben 10's Original 10![]

  • Heatblast
  • Ripjaws
  • Stinkfly
  • Diamondhead
  • Four Arms
  • Cannonbolt

Ben 10's New 10![]

  • Wildvine
  • Spidermonkey
  • Echo Echo
  • Rath
  • Lodestar
  • Fasttrack

Ben 10's Action Heroes![]

  • Iceburrgh
  • Blox
  • Gravattack
  • Clinger
  • Chromastone
  • Benmummy


  • The Action Heroes set is a list of 6 aliens Ben handpicked for people to use from all along Ben's greatest adventures. This is why all series' aliens are featured. (2 from Omniverse, 2 from Omni-Revolution, 1 from Ultimate Alien/Alien Force, 1 from the Original Series)