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They all had gone home but Devin, he had stayed in Kevin's garage. Due to the fact Bellwood was miles away from his home. He had stayed up most of the night, because of Kevin working on his car.

In the morning Gwen and Ben showed up at Kevin's garage..

"Hey,Devin!!! You ready to test out that new alien?",Ben said right away.

Devin,being a heavy sleeper didn't reply.

"Hey Ben, he reminds me of someone,"Gwen says.

They walk in to see Devin sleeping on a bunch of crates with his black jacket over him and Kevin working on his car.

"What are you doing Kevin?", says Gwen,"Don't you work on your car enough?" Ben then says,"Man, I'm suprised he's sleeping."

Ben and Gwen are talking to and watching Kevin work on his car.

"Ok,"says Kevin,"I've gotten out all the dents the Techadon robot put in my car."

Ben says, "Finally, wait is he still sleeping?"

As Ben says that Devin wakes up. He sits up, puts on his jacket and gets off the crates.

Tiredly he says,"Hey guys whats up? Oh yeah, Ben still want to practice with the new alien?"

"Yeah, sure," replies Ben.

They both walk outside and Devin transforms into the new alien and Ben into Echo Echo.

"Hmmmm......,that's wierd, there's two different ones,"says Ben.

Devin simply says their name," Brains and Brawn!"

Brains says," I'm the smarter one obviously.......Brawn what are you doing?" Brawn is trying to beat up Ben. "Umm.....Nothing!", explains Brawn. "Oh really now?," Brains says sarcasticly.

"Ok, two can play this game.......Ultimate Echo Echo!"says Ben.

He launches sonic disks at Brains and Brawn.

Brains jumps while saying,"Brawn jump! Then come down hard,Ok." Brawn did just that, he jumped,dodged the disk's sound wave and hit the ground extremely hard causing a small crater."I didn't mean that hard," Brains says."Umm..oops,"replies Brawn.

The noise was loud enough to get Kevin and Gwen to come outside.

"What are you two doing?,"says Gwen.

Brains lands next to Gwen and says,"That's what I'm trying to figure out."He points towards the crater and they watch Brawn simply jump out.

Brawn obnoxiously says,"Come on I'm just getting started!" Ben replies,"Ok then," and launches all his sonic disks. Brains teleports next to Brawn and says "Calm down will you." Brains also uses his telekinesis to push the sonic disks away. After that final move Brains says,"I believe this little duel is over. Brawn please?" With that Brains and Brawn turn back into Devin. &nbsp