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Ben 10: Requiem
Creator Aaronbill3
Co-Writers TBA
Art Designer(s) and Others Aaronbill3
Seasons 1
Episodes 12
Created on 15/06/2020 (UK)
Rating TV-14

Ben 10: Requiem, also known as Road Trip Requiem is a concept series by Aaron, that follows an alternate timeline of the events of Ben 10: Road Trip wherein Ben Tennyson gains access to Mimi-Kix Armour.




# Episode Written By
1 Doom Aaronbill3
In the Embassic Villas of the Technomini Commons World Argos XI, a small swarm of the Technomimi Hive Mind goes dark. A few days later, Way Big sweeps through the oceans and obliterates several important multi-national military strongholds while heading in the direction of the planet's capital before disappearing.

Azmuth orders Ben to investigate, giving him the T2 Omnitrix and sending him on the long journey to the Triangulum Galaxy. However, as soon as he enters the Galaxy he finds himself besieged by Megasaurid pirates. Unable to escape them, Ben and the Stardust is captured and his brand new Omnitrix is rendered useless.

2 Flesh & Metal Aaronbill3
The Megasaurid pirate ship comes under fire, before a Technomimi fire team breaks into the prison wing to rescue Ben and his team. However, they quickly find themselves overrun and unable to escape even now. The Technomimi, having recently developed countermeasures to the Megasaurid disabling weaponry, upgrade Ben's Omnitrix into a new MT2 model using a number of Technomimi drones that now live within it. The first thing they do is crack open the transformation limitations, instantly giving Ben access to every alien he has previously used.

These new drones discover and replace the dormant in-built AI, and Ben learns that the Omnitrix itself treats them like clothing- the result of this is that by tampering with the settings he can trick the Omnitrix into mass-producing Technomimi drones as a form of armour. Armour that he dubs the Mimi-Kix Armour.

This armour proves immediately effective- granting Spidermonkey a thin bullet-proof suit that allows him to easily overpower his captives and lead his allies to escape.

3 BFG Division Aaronbill3
Ben's experiments into his new Mimi-Kix Armour quickly teach him that these upgrades give his aliens a new focus on improving their mobility, but in rare cases grant defensive benefits to aid an alien's already-impressive mobility. Four Arms, for example, grains sleek white gauntlets with rockets built into his elbows- delivering impressively powerful punches or allowing him, through all four, to propel himself about.
4 Cyberdemon Aaronbill3
5 Incantation Aaronbill3
6 Ties That Bind Aaronbill3
7 Demigod Aaronbill3
8 Rust, Dust & Guts Aaronbill3
On their journey to Argos XI, Ben discovers a battlefield strewn with the dead of both Technomimi and Megasaurids. Exploring for himself, he finds a terrible hunger hiding in the darkness.
9 The Stench Aaronbill3
10 At Doom's Gate Aaronbill3
11 Mastermind Aaronbill3
Ben fights through hoards of techno-organic abominations and finally comes face-to-face with the masterous villain behind the whole war- Psychobos! And this time, he is augmented with Time Breaker Technology.
12 The Only Thing They Fear Is You Aaronbill3
After Psychobos escaped, Ben is lead into contact with the Omnitrix user that had attacted him to the Triangulum Galaxy in the first place! A barely-alive husk of flesh and reprogrammed Technomimi drones with bastardised Galvan technology crammed into its chest, the monster exists purely as a puppet for its alien master.

But Ben finds himself unable to gain the upper hand, despite his obvious advantage. He quickly realises he must defeat Psychobos first, as his Time Breaker ability is preventing Ben from creating a timeline where he wins!

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