These are all of the chapters of Ben 10: Reboot Revolution.

Chapter Summary Written By Airdate (UK)
Ten Over Ten Thousand Ben Delta and Gwen Delta get lost exploring the forest, before stumbling upon an incredible discovery. Aaronbill3 12/08/2017
Chapter 1 As Ben Prime's friends gather to celebrate the defeat of Apollo, they find a strange young Ben in his place. Aaronbill3 24/08/2017
Chapter 2 Rook finds out his guest has arrived at the Plumber base early, just before all hell breaks loose. Aaronbill3 28/08/2017
Chapter 3 Two Lenopan monsters attack the Bellwood Plumber Base. Meanwhile, Ben Prime meets a new threat: Timekiller. Aaronbill3 07/09/2017
Chapter 4 The Rustbucket makes a small diversion, and Ben Delta looks for a way to return to his own time and place. Aaronbill3 07/10/2017
Chapter 5 Timekiller introduces his latest creation: Time Breaker Ben. Aaronbill3 20/11/2017
Chapter 6 The two Bens find their way back to the Prime Dimension and try their hand at fighting the Time Breaker again. Aaronbill3 22/01/2018
No Watch, No Problem! No Watch Ben finds himself falling short during his Plumber training and weighs his options. Aaronbill3
Chapter 7 Ben Delta narrowly escapes his fate, and must help Ben Prime defeat Time Breaker Ben once and for all. Aaronbill3 03/06/2018
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