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Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Reboot Revolution.png
Logo by CaT
Creator Aaronbill3
Co-Writers Ultra (No Watch, No Problem!)
Art Designer(s) and Others Aaronbill3
Chapters 7
Created on 03/17/2017
Rating TV-14
Preceeded By Death of Ben 10
Ten Over Ten Thousand
Succeeded by Ben 10: Road Trip
Ben 10: Delta Days

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution is a series by Aaronbill3 that follows Ben Tennyson's trouble after the end of Death of Ben 10. It also immediately follows the events of Ten Over Ten Thousand.

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution was the wiki's featured series December 2017, and featured series for all of 2018!

The series began, officially, on the 12th of August 2017 and concluded on the 3rd of June 2018.


Apollo is finally defeated, and the multiverse is safe at last! ...Except for the part where it isn’t.

Rook, Gwen, Kevin, and Grandpa Max gather in Bellwood to help celebrate Ben’s victory over Apollo and saving the Earth again! But why is there a 10 year old child wielding the Omnitrix in Ben’s absence?

Ben finds himself stuck in the past! It has to be his own past, it couldn’t be anyone else’s, but everything is so different? His Omnitrix is definitely the one he had before… But why is everything so wrong?


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  • Reboot Revolution was originally planned as an episode of Ben 10: Road Trip named Crisis Point. These plans changed primarily due to the fact it would need to be set on Earth, which Road Trip for the most part is not.
    • In this version of events, Ben Delta was known as Ben-2.
    • Ten Over Ten Thousand was also originally planned as an entirely separate story to either Reboot Revolution or Road Trip. It was reworked as a prequel to Reboot Revolution as I felt this way worked into the story better as well as providing some initial context to both the audience and the Delta Dimension characters.
Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Death of Ben 10 Aaronbill3 Ben 10: Road Trip
Ten Over Ten Thousand - No Watch, No Problem!
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