These are all the episodes in Ben 10: Omnitrix Wielder.

Title Number Writer Air Date
Dawn of a New Era Part 1 One Sorcerer101 January 20, 2017
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are more powerful than ever, but that won't deter the leaders of a new plot to assassinate Ben. Under the guise of random attacks on Bellwood by aliens, a deadly huntsman attacks Ben with the natural predators of his own alien forms.
Dawn of a New Era Part 2 Two Sorcerer101 January 20, 2017
The unexpected, accidental discovery of Undertown courtesy of Khyber's attack on Ben leaves the bearer of the Omnitrix staggered. But he has not time to dwell on that; certainly not when he is forced to deal with recurring attacks by alien predators. Between that and the departure of his cousin and best friend, Ben is not especially excited to begin this next chapter in his life.
The Replacement Three Sorcerer101 January 27, 2017
Deciding that Ben is no longer safe working on his own, Max assigns him a partner in the form of Rook Blonko. The only problem is, Ben doesn't want him.
Rising Stars Four Sorcerer101 February 3, 2017
A new group of amateur super heroes appears. They idolize Ben and are constantly trying to help him, only to make things worse. When Rook goes missing, it's up to them to help Ben crack the case before it cracks him.
The New Ultimatrix Five Sorcerer101 February 10, 2017
Albedo's powers start to go out of control, forcing him to build a new Ultimatrix to stabilize himself. To do that, he has to steal parts from Azmuth's lab on Galvan Prime.
Blank Slate Six Sorcerer101 February 17, 2017
When Ben is invited to visit Augstaka and see the changes he has inspired in Highbreed society, a rogue Highbreed enacts his plan to set off a DNA bleach bomb that could ruin everything.
An Assassin's Creed Seven Sorcerer101 February 24, 2017
A deadly robot assassin built by the Weapon Masters of Techadon has come to Earth. It's target: Ben Tennyson
The Pureblood Collective Eight Sorcerer101 March 3, 2017
After having been permanently banished from Augstaka, Arkanis III is determined to destroy Ben Tennyson and Reinrassic III. Since his assassins have had no luck, he takes matters into his own hands by going to Earth himself. And he's far from alone...
A Royal Pain Nine Sorcerer101 March 10, 2017
Carl Nesmith is bailed out of prison by Billy Billions, and now he's more determined than ever to get his revenge on Ben Tennyson, even if that means putting up with an outrageously stuck up 12-year-old, self-proclaimed genius.
Faulty Therapy Ten Sorcerer101 March 17, 2017
Dr. Animo receives an intriguing message from a figure he does not recognize. The offer is simple: if Dr. Animo can develop a device that will destroy all alien DNA within its area of effect, the mysterious caller will use it on not just the Earth, but every known inhabited planet in the universe.
Wipeout Parts 1 and 2 Eleven and Twelve Sorcerer101 March 24, 2017
Despite the efforts of Ben and his allies, Arkanis III has almost everything he needs to wipe out all non-Highbreed DNA in the Universe. All that's left is a power source for his DNA Destroyer, and for that he must go to the Nosdeenian Quasar, the home of the Megawhatts.
Season 2
Homecoming One (Thirteen) Sorcerer101 March 31, 2017
Rook is heading back home to Revonnah to celebrate an important Revonagander festival and invites Ben along. However, the machinations of Malware and Dr. Psychobos threaten to not only disrupt the festivities, but destroy the entire planet.
The Mastermind Two (Fourteen) Sorcerer101 April 7, 2017
An old and hated enemy of Ben's returns, bringing with him a level of danger unseen since the Highbreed Invasions.
Nature's Arms Race Three (Fifteen) Sorcerer101 April 14, 2017
Khyber returns to Earth to destroy Ben, and this time he's brought help in the form of Albedo.
Black Light, White Darkness Four (Sixteen) Sorcerer101 April 21, 2017
Ben and Rook visit Gwen at Friedken University. It's weird and creepy, which makes Ben fall in love with it right away. Despite that, even Gwen has to admit that something's not right when the sky turns purple and Ledgerdomain Rock Monsters attack.
Of Witchcraft and Wizardry Five (Seventeen) Sorcerer101 April 28, 2017
Darkstar's meddling with the Charms of Bezel coincides with an alignment of the planets in Earth's Solar System that causes the charms to acquire minds of their own. They form a seemingly indestructible monster known as Bezel's Bane, for according to legend this monster is what killed Bezel himself. Only one person knows how to defeat it, and that person is none other than Charmcaster.
Computer Virus Six (Eighteen) Sorcerer101 May 5, 2017
When Ben uses a Upgrade to stop a cybernetic monster, the creature's living tissues react with his metallic body, infecting him with a virus that attacks his life code and the Omnitrix. If he isn't cured, Upgrade will be turned into a clone of Malware.
Will and Won't Seven (Nineteen) Sorcerer101 May 12, 2017
Gwen just wanted to lead a semblance of a normal life when she left Bellwood. Kevin decided she had the right idea and went with her. However, the Synthroids have other ideas. They know exactly who Gwen is, and they want her mana. When the Synthroids want something, they will have it. Won't they?
Malevolence Eight (Twenty) Sorcerer101 May 19, 2017
Charmcaster begins to fear the power of the Alpha Rune. She has been insane ever since she got her hands on it, but visions of a walking skeleton torturing Albedo are definitely not a byproduct of that instability, and she knows it. Overcome with fear, she turns over the artifact to Gwen, who in turn is certain the Rune is evil by nature. The misadventures she has with it certainly support the idea.
Welcome to the Circus! Nine (Twenty-one) Sorcerer101 May 26, 2017
Zombozo reforges his alliance with the Circus Freak Trio and recreates his traveling circus scam. No one outside the operation knows who's behind it. The audience can't tell anyone, as they've been turned into... laughing zombies?
Danger: High Voltage Ten (Twenty-two) Sorcerer101 June 2, 2017
Malware has returned from hiding and set his sights on a Dwarf Star, which he plans to steal and use to empower himself. He has an unexpected ally in Vilgax, and an even more unexpected enemy in Albedo.
Happy Hunting Parts 1 and 2 Eleven and Twelve (Twenty-three and Twenty-four) Sorcerer101 June 9, 2017
Ben and Kevin are hanging out away from their friends, taking a break from their lives when Kyber's pet suddenly appears. She does not attack, and in fact she is missing her Nemetrix. Not long afterward, they are attacked and captured by Kyber's ship. Awakening in the hunter's private game reserve, Ben finds himself alone and hunted by multiple Nemetrix aliens.
Season 3
Grand Theatre One (Twenty-five) Sorcerer101 June 16, 2017
No one has tried to cause trouble in Bellwood or anywhere else on Earth for nearly two weeks, so Ben and Rook go on a vacation to the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, their vacation is interrupted by the arrival of a pair of giant robots. As Ben, Rook, and the Plumbers struggle contain their rampages, a bounty hunter slips into Mt Rushmore's vault to steal some very important alien tech.
A Cold War Two (Twenty-six) Sorcerer101 June 23, 2017
Arctiguana's race, the Polar Manzardills, are colonizing the Necrofriggian homeworld of Kylmyys to escape their own overcrowded homeworld. Their disregard for the natives is stirring up a war. For Ben, this is personal. He failed to stop a war once; he won't make that mistake again, especially when the combatants are his own aliens.
Fanatics Three (Twenty-seven) Sorcerer101 June 30, 2017
The Incurseans have started an intergalactic war, which draws the attention of a splinter group of Plumbers who believe that the legitimate Plumber Corps does not go far enough to ensure peace. Their idea of how to stop the Incurseans, for example, is to deploy a virus that will target and destroy Incursean DNA, which would render the species extinct. Ben and company may hate the Frogs of War, but they don't hate them that much.
Use Only as Directed Four (Twenty-eight) Sorcerer101 July 7, 2017
The Incurseans know that Ben and his Omnitrix are the greatest threat to their plans for galactic conquest, so they attack the Plumber Vault on Koda Koda and steal the Nemetrix. They know that it contains the natural predators of many sentient alien species. Unfortunately for them, and for everyone else, Emperor Milleous has no idea what the device will do to his mind when he uses it. No one can be sure who is in more danger; Milleous, Ben, or... Attea?
The End Before the Beginning Five (Twenty-nine) Sorcerer101 July 14, 2017
The Incurseans have a dangerous idea on how to put an end to Ben Tennyson; travel back in time to when he was thirteen and was not wearing the Omnitrix and kill him. They have the means to do it thanks to D. Psychobos, which forces Professor Paradox and to personally intervene. The present Ben is coming along for the ride. And what a wild ride it was... is? Will be?
Frogs vs Flames Six (Thirty) Sorcerer101 July 21, 2017
Princess; sorry General Attea of the Incurseans wants to score a major victory to regain the favor of her father after her failure in the time travel operation. But her target is dubious. Pyros, home world of the Pyronites, is a blazing orb of fire and magma hostile to all non-native life-forms. She knows how to conquer it, while Ben and the Plumbers have no idea how to save it.
For the Sake of Ship Seven (Thirty-One) Sorcerer101 July 28, 2017
Julie's pet Galvanic Mechamorph, Ship, is little more than an alien dog at heart, but the Incurseans see him as a weapon. He's been targeted for such schemes before, but this time he has not only been captured, but imprisoned in a secret facility and used as a weapons factory. Ben is supposed to help defend the Plumber's Academy from an imminent attack, but he won't ignore his obligation to Julie. Rook will not help, but Gwen and Kevin will. It's like the old days, and Ben knows it.
Cosmic Hurricane Eight (Thirty-Two) Sorcerer101 August 4, 2017
A cosmic storm at the edge of the galaxy falters as the To'Kustar who lives within and maintains it nears the end of his natural lifespan. This single To'Kustar's darkest hour brings an idea to the mind of the Incursean leadership; one that could have dire consequences for the galaxy.
Amber Ogia For Many Nine (Thirty-Three) Sorcerer101 August 11, 2017
Revonnah's unique Amber Ogia fruit is even more valuable than gold in most galactic markets; it can be used for clothing, construction, fuel, and, in the pincers of a certain Cerebrocrustacean, brainwashing. But the Incurseans are not interested in mind controlling their conquered subjects. They have something much bigger in mind...
Under The Midnight Sun Ten (Thirty-Four) Sorcerer101 August 12, 2017
The planet Sylthas lies in the center of a binary star system, trapped between the gravity wells of two stars that shroud its surface in endless daylight. Many galactic travelers consider it a vacation paradise. Ben and his team have no time to enjoy the planet's luxuries though; not when the invading Incursean fleet accidentally unleashes the killer robots from Dimension 12 in the heart of its capital city.
Hail the Conquering Frogs Parts One and Two Eleven and Twelve (Thirty-five and Thirty-six) Sorcerer101 August 19, 2017
The Incurseans mount a surprise attack on Earth. Ben does his best to repel them, but even with the aide of the Plumbers he cannot stop the invasion. The only hope the Earth has lies with an old friend and former enemy whose name begins with the letter "R"; if Ben can get to him.
Season 4
The Secret Life of Vilgax One (Thirty-Seven and Thirty-eight) Sorcerer101 August 26, 2017
Vilgax is determined to obtain the Omnitrix and conquer the universe, yet there seems to be no clear-cut reason why. But every villain has a reason for doing what they do, no matter how petty or justified it may be. What's Squid Face's motivation? Professor Paradox, for one, would like to know.
Code of the Cryptids Two (Thirty-nine) Sorcerer101 September 3, 2017
The Saturdays are cryptid experts, so when Ben encounters a creature that cannot be found in any Plumber databases, he calls on them to help contain its rampage and study it. But they're not the only ones interested in it...
Caesar Three (Thirty-four) Sorcerer101 September 10, 2017
Eunice is not the only Unitrix in existence. Her twin has found it's way out of Azmuth's possession courtesy of an attack by Albedo and makes its way to Earth in search of the safety provided by proximity to the Omnitrix, resulting in the birth of Caesar. Unfortunately, the United Nations illegally kidnap him and attempt to use the alien techno-biology to replicate the Omnitrix. When Ben rescues Caesar from them, he must face a new enemy; the very people he is trying to protect.
The Fate of Petropia Four (Thirty-five) Sorcerer101 September 17, 2017
Vilgax feels demeaned after the successful recreation of Petropia and its people. Up until now he has not been able to do anything about it, but with the weakened Incursean Empire out of his way, he is free to attack Petropia.
The Labyrinth Five (Thirty-six) Sorcerer101 September 24, 2017
In the aftermath of the battle at Petropia, Ben and company pursue Vilgax in hopes of capturing and arresting him before he can reach the safety of his home territories. However, the ensuing battle ends in disaster for both sides, who find themselves trapped in the infamous Labyrinth of Lanciss.
Older than Time Itself Six (Thirty-seven) Sorcerer101 October 3, 2017
As Ben and Rook return to Earth after the Labyrinth fiasco, they are forced to drop out of hyperspace to avoid colliding with a derelict starship. What they find on board is a weapon that can create, and destroy, entire universes.
The Magician's Secret Seven (Thirty-eight) Sorcerer101 October 10, 2017
After the failed mission to arrest Vilgax, Gwen returns to college. But her hopes for some normalcy are shattered when the last people she wants to see show up and ask for her help. Hex and Charmcaster may have had their differences with Gwen, but she's still better in their eyes than Adwaita.
Hard Luck Eight (Thirty-nine) Sorcerer101 October 17, 2017
When the Charm of Luck disappears from the vault at Mt. Rushmore, Ben finds that every possible thing that go wrong in his missions does. As he and Rook struggle to defeat enemies that were once considered mere nuisances, Gwen and Kevin set out to find and recover the Charm before Ben's luck runs out.
Blukic and Driba Go to Vilgaxia Nine (Forty) Sorcerer101 October 24, 2017
When the teleporter that connects the Earth's orbital Plumber base to Mt. Rushmore breaks, Blukic and Driba's attempts to fix it end up sending them to Vilgaxia. Ben isn't eager to rescue them from his least favorite planet, but his reluctance is nothing compared to the Galvan duo's fear; or Rook's sheer terror.
Grandma's Old Friend Ten (Forty-one) Sorcerer101 November 1, 2017
The Synthroids, in their desperation to provide their world with an infinite power source, have launched an all out invasion of Anodyne, Grandma Verdona's home planet. The Tennysons are determined to help their extended family there, but Plumber High Command has other ideas...
No Honor Among Squid Part 1 Eleven (Forty-two) Sorcerer101 November 8, 2017
Vilgax has tried and tried to take the Omnitrix, yet each of his attempts ends in failure. But where he sees failure, Malware sees opportunity. An alliance between two of Ben's worst enemies; what could possibly go wrong?
No Honor Among Squid Part 2 Twelve (Forty-three) Sorcerer101 November 15, 2017
Ben has had enough of Vilgax, and the feeling is mutual. After Vilgax uses the corrupted Mechamorph Armor created by Malware to conquer Galvan Prime, Ben issues a Conqueror's Challenge. The fate of Azmuth, Ben, the Omnitrix, and the entire Galvan star system hangs in the balance, and this time only one combatant will walk away...
  • A Most Spirited Party
  • Anti-Kur Rising
  • Blackout
  • Curiosity
  • Enchantingly Nasty
  • Reconciliations
  • The Transitory Mists
  • Vampire vs Whampire
  • The Darkest Hour Part 1
  • The Darkest Hour Part 2
  • It's Not Easy Being A Hero
  • Circle of Fire
  • A Knight's Oath
  • Harangued
  • Mind Walking
  • Liberated
  • Epidemic
  • Malware's Vengeance
  • Falling Skies Part 1
  • Falling Skies Part 2
  • Perfect Alignment
  • The Seal of Souls
  • Into the Maelstrom
  • Azmuth's Folly
  • Mirrors
  • The Fatal Alliance
  • Fall of the Omnitrix Wielder
  • Wrath of the Omnitrix Wielder
  • Return of the Omnitrix Wielder
  • Omniverse Armageddon Part 1
  • Omniverse Armageddon Part 2
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