Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited The Video Game
Series Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited
Genre Action/Adventure
Release Date Unknown
Platforms PS4
PS Vita
XBOX 360
Nintendo 3DS
Created By Ultra3000
Game Guide

This is the first videogame of Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited. It will be available for all consoles, except for the PSP, the PS2 and DS. It is scheduled to have 15 levels and 2 DLCs.


Ben and co. are in Mr. Smoothy when suddenly they see a huge blast engulfing the area. They set out to investigate and they discover it was Khyber's doing. Ben manages to defeat him after a long battle, but he escapes afterwards. Then, Azmuth appears and tells them that it is only the beginning and unlocks the Master Control for Ben, who is clearly excited.

Later, Kevin goes to the Plumbers' HQ for some business, but he finds it in ruins and with Megawhatts everywhere. After he fights them, he confronts Dr. Psychobos, who denies to reveal the reason he is there. Kevin defeats him and informs Gwen, who says she is busy.

We go to Gwen, who is fighting some Techadon robots and discovers that Argit and Vulkanus had teamed up to find Taydenite. Gwen defeats them both and calls Ben to learn where he is.

Ben, in Undertown, is roaming, until Khyber's Dog appears and wreaks havoc. Having unlocked the Master Control, Ben manages to exploit his enemy's weaknesses and defeat him. (This is an exclusively boss stage level).


Unique Functions

  • Ben will have the Master Control and of course access to all of his aliens. But how will you be able to switch between forms without losing any time ? Using a special microphone that can be attached on your remote, by shouting out the name of the alien you want to turn into e.g Swampfire, the game responds and transforms Ben into Swampfire. To revert back, just press the button that is indicated on the manual for each console.
  • The game lacks glitches and most importantly it does not use repetitive lines. One disandavantage is that you must not say quickly the alien names, otherwise it will not respond.

Playable Characters



  1. Plumbers HQ
  2. Bellwood Streets
  3. Undertown
  4. Moon Base
  5. Galvan Prime
  6. Enchephalonus IV
  7. Plumbers' Academy
  8. Washington D.C.
  9. Galvan Prime Revisited
  10. Pyros
  11. Lepidopterra
  12. Kylmyys
  13. Enchephalonus IV Revisited
  14. Revonnah
  15. Augstaka

The DLCs will be in fact prequels of the Arc 2 story.

Downloadable Content

DLC 1: Time War: How It All Started

In this DLC, you take control of Professor Paradox and Ben 10,000 for the very first time, as you fight rogue Chronosapiens and you learn how Time War started. Professor Paradox can use his Chrono-Navigator for limited teleportation, while Ben 10,000 has new aliens, inaccessible to present Ben at this point.

DLC 2: Where Good is Evil and Evil is Good 


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