&nbsp Ben 10: Omnifinity, or BTO is a series where a new watch, from a strange sanctuary, crashes on Earth and latches onto Ben's wrist, over the Ultimatrix. He has to figure out how to control it to battle an evil mastermind named Salts a long with some new- and old- villains. But what evil secrets can the Omnifinity hide?

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Season 1

The Destruction of Constore

A new watch, released from a mystical sanctuary, crashes on a planet. And destroys it.

Ultamatrix, Recalibrate!

The new watch, now known as the Omnifnity, latches onto the Utimatrix. NEW ALIEN: Harlequin

Kevin's Mutation

The team goes to Azmuth for help on Kevin's new 'condition'.

The Wrath of Musha

Azmuth fixes the Omnifinity, but when a crazed alien named Musha attacks the Plumbers, it is up to Ben and Co. to defeat him. NEW ALIENS: Shadow Hand, Concrete

Salts on Earth

Salts travels to Earth to gain the Omnifinity. NEW ALIENS: Cosmos, Earthquaker


When Ben's dissapearing trick goes wrong, Ben must battle the mummy, who has sworn to reincarnate Ghostfreak.

Dark Green

Ben and Co. helps Darkstar's team, but gets more then they bargained for. NEW ALEINS: Paradoxiclean,Titan





2013 Update

As of March 2013, I will be working only on remaking the images in each episode. I will not be working on the story for Dark Green until the pictures are finished.

Theme Song

The watch fell from the sky Shows the Omnifinity on the Bill's Burgers billboard

From a constellation sanctuary up high Shows the Omnifinity constelation and the sanctuary

No one knows what powers lay inside Shows Constore being destroyed

Ben Tennyson found it and became a new Shows Ben reaching towards the Omnifnity

BEN 10! Shows Ben

HarlequinLodestarEarthquakerMr.crystalShadowhandTitanManna-festationCosmosConcreteInsecticide Shows aliens in Ben 10: Omnifnity some of which are not listed

Danger at every turn Shows a building falling down Enemies coming Shows a space ship

Salts, Darkstar, D Paradox, Musha, D Lodestar, Ghostfreak, and others Shows villains in Ben 10: Omnifnity some of which are not listed

Going to need some help Shows plumber's badge

Gwen, Kevin, Azmuth, Paradox, Tetrax, Grandpa Max, Jacques, and more Shows heroes in Ben 10: Omnifinity (besides Ben) some of which are not listed

The fight is never over Shows Kevin, Gwen, and Ben

10 Shows Harlequin

9 Shows Lodestar

8 Shows Earthquaker

7 Shows Mr. Crystal

6 Shows Shadow Hand

5 Shows Titan

4 Shows Manna-festation

3 Shows Cosmos

2 Shows Concrete

1 Shows Insecticide

Ben 10 Shows Ben against a black background

Omnifinity Shows the Omnifnity against a black background, then fades to black

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