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Ben 10 Ominihero
Creator Igrão Dias
Co-Writers Igrão Dias, Alexandre Magno, Daniel Sanchillis, RaphaLXIV
Artist(s) and Others Alexandre Magno, Daniel Sanchillis, RaphaLXIV, Marcus VMS, Robson Conde, Andre Prates, João Vinicius, Felipe Alves, Rafael Santos, Mrray Jooj, Samuel Richardson, Alessandro Nunes, Rafael Santos, May Looma, Rodrigo Veiga, Nadson Bezerra, CATシ
Seasons On going
Episodes On going
Created on June 18, 2019
Rating No ratings
Preceded By Ben 10 Omniverse
Succeeded by None

Ben 10 Ominihero is a series written by Igrão Dias, drawn by Alexandre Magno and by Daniel Sanchillis, translated by me, RaphLXIV, that follows Ben and his friends as they travel around the universe two years after the end of Omniverse. Daniel Lopes participates on the correction of the script and the misspelled words, João Victor, Robson Conde, Marcus Vms, Felipe Alves, Andre Prates, Samuel Richardson, Mrray Jooj, Alessandro Nunes, Bruno Ximenes, Nadson Bezerra, Rodrigo Veiga, Freeze Lizard, CATシ and Rafael Santos also participate on the drawing process..

You can access the comic on the page Ben 10 Ominihero on Facebook ( We also have a group on Facebook, which you can join at In addition we have a blog where you can find the comics ( and a Twitter account (


A Brazilian Comic of Ben 10 made by fans for fans. 2 years after the end of Ben 10 Omniverse, Ben and his friends (Rook, Kevin, Gwen, Zed and Kai) travel around the universe to explore it in the Rust Bucket 4, but during their trip, they end up encountering the spaceship of Galord, a villain who hunts races from different dimensions to make his own experiments. During all of this, Ben's Omnitrix goes into recalibration mode once again and unlocks 10 new aliens.


  1. And Then There Were 10 Again
  2. Quicksand
  3. Double Trouble
  4. It's Cool in the Cold
  5. Galactic Arena

Fan List

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  • Bence Szilágyi 🖖😎
  • Don't have Facebook, but I'm READING what I can anyways! -Jetrashipper
  • Awesome comic, keep the good effort up! MasterCrep (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 07:22, 22 June 2021 (UTC)
  • GREAT comic, I love it, one of the best fanmade comics out there, if I had to rate it, 11/10 for sure! -Isaac






Primary Omnitrix Aliens

  1. Elements
  2. Power-Up
  3. SnowBeast
  4. Big Nose
  5. Batbolt
  6. Sandbox
  7. Blasturtle
  8. XYZ
  9. Chimera
  10. Mage

Nemetrix Aliens

Alternate Omnitrix Users

Secondary Characters

Ominihero originals

  • Sandyson Are'ilais Trevilim Samu Ninrai
  • Sandra Deinze Magimiralis Samu Ninrai
  • Shingsid Are'ilais Margimiralis
  • Ricy Are'ilais Margimiralis
  • Tatooobalien
  • Duolion
  • Horffalo
  • Chimutation
  • Mouslittle
  • North Commander Bearice
  • Wiin Thepuh
  • Ursula (Flashback only)
  • Urban (Flashback only)
  • Bearnie
  • Bearnard
  • South Commander Ursuro
  • Starmuth
  • Bruk
  • Pakespider
  • SPD
  • Switrack

Classic characters

  • Cash Murray
  • J.T.
  • Argit
  • Rad Dudesman