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General Info Fan List
Ben 10: Nueverse
Creator UltiVerse
Co-Writer(s) Greenwatchandabluebox
Artist(s) and Others Brandon 10 (Artist and Idea Provider)
ShahZeb17 (Idea Provider)
Ben10fan3 (Idea Provider)
Former Staff StreetM
Seasons 1
Episodes 2 (1 unfinished)
Created on 8/7/2014
Ratings TV-Y7-FV
Preceeded By None
Succeeded by None

Made by

Brandon 10

Ben 10: Nueverse is a series by UltiVerse and Ahmad15  (co-written by Greenwatchandabluebox, with art by Brandon 10, and additional ideas by Brandon 10, ShahZeb17 and Ben10fan3) that follows Ben, Gwen and Max in a massive reboot of the canon franchise as they deal with universal threats. It is supposed to have five seasons, and it was created on 8/7/2014. It takes place in Timeline 626 of Earth-54. It was canceled on 23/12/2016.


This series tells the story of 10-year old Ben, who finds the Omnitrix in a crashed ship after trying to clear out his mind. The fate of the world now lies in his hands as a ruthless conquerer named Vilgax will stop at nothing to retrieve the Omnitrix. However, Vilgax doesn't seem to be doing all this alone. Will Ben be able to uncover the truth about the universe all in time to stop Vilgax?



Title Number Written By Air Date
The Invention 1 UltiVerse
Max Tennyson is chosen to wield the Omnitrix, but someone has other plans.
What Lies Beyond 2 UltiVerse
Ben is trapped on the Chimerian Hammer with the most vicious warlord in the universe.