Ben 10: Monsters Attack is the series based on Ben 10: When Monsters Attack


Season 1 starts 2014 with six episodes confirmed.

Name Airdate Alien debut
"Breakthrough, Part 1" May 12, 2013 (sneak peek), Febuary 5 2014 (airdate) Squidface
"Breakthrough, Part 2" Febuary 5 2014 Squidface
"Death" Febuary 15 Deathmatch
"Notes" Febuary 25 Paperface
"Unknown" March 5 (hiatus begins) Unknown
"Revealed" May 12 (hiatus over) Ultimate Alien X

It is known that it will take a more serious tone, with little to no comedy. "Death" shows Ben dying. "Notes" implies that Asmut and Paradox have passed away. Rook leaves in "Breakthrough, Part 2", but returns in "Notes".


It is know that:


Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin


Tetrax Shard





Dr. Animo


Dark Insurance (main villian, when Ben tried to get insurance (because of Darkstar), he finds out that he is under 18 and tries to kill him. Later, he returns in Death)

Dr. Animo+ (Dr. Animo returns in Notes and turns "ultimate", which makes him "Animo+") Quote: "Animo+!"

Asmuth's Creation, Robotron2 (appears in When Monsters Attack. He returns in Death to plan veangence)

Jar Jar Binks Tucklar Mundan (Death Insurance's servant, who hates his job and has a crush on Eighteight)

Eighteight (Death Insurance's apperentince. She does not know about Tucklar's crush)

Video games

Ben 10: Monsters Attack: The Video Game

Ben 10: Monsters Attack: The Video Game is a video game on Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, MOVIE-GAME, 3DS and DS. A version which is made for mobile is:

Ben 10: Monsters Attack: On Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben 10: Monsters Attack: On Mobile is a mobile game on, guess what? Mobile. A version for console and handhelds is above. Not availible on MOVIE-GAME. Mobile!!!

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