These are all the episodes in Ben 10: Missing Pieces.

Title Number Written By Air Date
Ways to Say Goodbye 1 UltiVerse September 7, 2020
Kevin's parents confront him about his increasingly disturbing behavior.
Lose Yourself 2 UltiVerse September 7, 2020
Ben deals with the loss of his favorite alien, Feedback.
Up to 11 3 UltiVerse September 7, 2020
Albedo goes to Galvan Mark II, dead set on having his original form restored by Azmuth.
Spiraling Out of Control 4 UltiVerse
Ben adjusts to a new normal following Gwen and Kevin's departures from Bellwood.
The Monster 5 UltiVerse
Ben faces Malware, eager to make him pay for the destruction of Feedback.
Unnamed sixth episode 6 UltiVerse
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