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This is a new series confirmed to run alongside Ben 10: Omniverse.


On March 17 a new series "Ben 10: Matrix Hero" was confirmed to be a "Ben 10: Alien Force" spin-off. However, on March 22, 5 days later, I confirmed that the series was going to be rebooted as a sequel to "Ultimate Alien" and to run along side "Ben 10: Omniverse" and even possibly having the season 2 arc move into the "Omniverse" arc.

The next day, it was confirmed that the main season 1 villain would be an absorbing alien, and he would have a sidekick "Nook" who is "Rook"s evil twin. The main villain remains unnamed. Another difference, is that it is now confirmed the series will be written in paragraph style unlike the original, that was writen in dialogue.





  • Unknown Main Season 1 Villain
  • Nook


This is unknown, as of the moment. Although, it is confirmed that Ben will gain 16 unique aliens in his currently "Unnamed Third Omnitrix". It is also confirmed the Omniverse aliens will appear as additional season 2 aliens, respectively.

Original Unique Alien[]

  • Eye-Zer
  • Clawjaws
  • Dark Blobber
  • Unknown

Additional Aliens[]


Seasons Episodes
1 20


  • The series was originally meant to be an "Alien Force" spin-off.
  • It is confirmed that other canon aliens such as Cannonbolt, Big Chill and Rath will re-appear.