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A weapon? That's all I hear that that I am. But, I gotta be something more--I mean, I can't just be built--made--for one thing. I must have some purpose.


   Several Scenes of the series are shown in a brief slideshow.
1. Ben jumps into the air, and quickly transforming into Four Arms.
2. Gwen, using her magic, blowing up a aircraft, that is slowly 
beginning to take flight from off the runway.
3. Myaxx is brutally punched in the face by a unknown female Pyronite.     
4. Vilgax tearing apart a western diner, in Texas, as he pursues Ben.
5. Azmuth closes his eyes].
The main characters of the show each being to speak. One by one. They each
talk about their experiences' in the Lost Galaxy. Each character beings
     their experience (in a indirect way), where the last person left off.
     (rehashing their tough experiences' in the galaxy).

In this galaxy, your greatest enemy is yourself. You tear yourself apart, and bring others down with you. This galaxy is rotten, dirty, violent, evil, gritty, hopeless...


...painful. VERY PAINFUL......very. The worst part about it, is that you never can recover from it. Not here...


...Not anywhere for me. Not after the things I did. Not after the people I lost...not after I lost myself...


...the citizen rights here are horrible. No common courtesy. I mean the least you could do is leave the door to the bar crack and let a little chimp like me watch a few minutes of the game--with something to eat...

–Bobo Haha

...that doesn't bite ya right back in the butt. People have goals in life, distinctive goals. They'll use you to reach those goals, and once they do, they'll leave you as the fool.


   Several Scenes of the series are shown again in a brief slideshow.
1. Tetrax saves Bob Haha from falling to his doom from off the side of a 
 crumpling building.
2. Vilgax arrive on Earth, behind him are, hundreds of Vilgax drones.
3. Ben goes through pain as he forcefully transforms into an alien.
4. The Plumbers invaded an unknown house. They ransack the home, 
 before blowing it up.]
 The screen begind to show snipits of episodes. Faster and faster. 
 A narrator who's voice is quite familiar.

It is coming. The lost mirror image of our world is on the horizon. Each day brings us closer and closer. The world we face here. In our everyday lives. A world filled with hate, fear, evil, love, sacrifice, and freedom. A world in which anyone can enter, but the brave can exit. A world filled with more than meets the eye. The world we will explore rapidly with vast interest, is simply know as--------THE LOST GALAXY.

–David McCallum

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