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The series Ben 10:Hollowverse is an fanproject created by ToookaoA11p that takes place in an alternate reality from the main series with most of Ben 10 characters swapping Genders.


After defeating vilgax in a battle one year ago and now she finally gets her new Omnitrix called Hollowtrix with mysterious powers and glitches/errors when she get 16 years old.

But short after she gets it,she finds herself changing between forms in the most stupid moments and not getting the alien she wants after woking up one day finding out that she sleepwalked turned into Way Big,destroying half of Bellwood.


Jenny Tennyson the female counterpart of Ben Tennyson

Jude Tennyson the male counterpart of Gwen Tennyson

Alice Levin the female counterpart of Kevin Levin

Granma Maxette Tennyson the female counterpart of Grandpa Max

Vilgax,remaining the same with no gender change

Azmuth,remaining the same with no gender change

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