Ben 10: Alien Universe
Season 3, Episode 1-3
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Ben 10: Hidden Universe would have been a live-action adaptation/episode of Ben 10: Alien Universe that would introduce two new main characters in place of Kevin and Gwen, a Petrosapien-(Diamondhead's species) Human hybrid named Traxel Shard, and an Arburian Pelarota-(Cannonbolt's species) Human hybrid named Cadden Bolt.

The movie was intended to introduce the main series into a new era, possibly would have been setting up for the rest of the series to be live-action (that was the original plan during the writing of the movie). The movie's written portion was finished, but due to timing issues and the movie being written during the Winter by 10-/11-year olds, filming this movie was not possible till Summer. When Summer came, the equipment was lost or unusable, and the movie eventually died off. The movie is canon, and the events occur after episode 16 of Alien Universe and before the Unleashed pilot.

There was a video game planned (see Trivia section), that failed in production after the cancellation of the movie.


As Gwen and Kevin are away, Ben enjoys his leisure time up until two hybrid kids come to Ben's door, one claiming to be Tetrax Shard's son, one claiming to be the son of the one whose DNA was sacrified for the sake of an Arburian Pelarota being added to the Hidden Universe. When Ben tries to follow these to their spacecraft so that he may help them in aiding Tetrax back to good health, they meet Jake Ingus, an old friend of Ben's who is revealed to have been transformed into a freakish alien. When Jake attempts to steal the Omnitrix, Ben rises to action with the help of the two hybrid kids Traxel Shard and Cadden Bolt to stop Jake's evil plot.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters

  • Azmuth


Secondary Villains

Aliens Used

  • XLR8
  • Lodestar


  • A video game was originally planned but never spoken about to the public. The project went far and still had production going for a few weeks after the cancellation of the movie.
  • While the production codes for this 3-part special episode are 204, 205, and 206, the movie is counted as the only 3 episodes of the 3rd season.
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