1. All Canon aliens
  2. Swirls
  3. Jewels
  4. Head Horns
  5. Stormfront(Credit to Thomas)
  6. Smallarge (Credit to Thomas)
  7. Doomer (Credit to Solo)
  8. Elemental Monkey (Credit to Zon)
  9. Lavathrend (Credit to Speedy)
  10. SpeedGate (Credit to Speedy)
  11. Rupture (Credit to Lego)
  12. Huntscer  (Credit to Lego)
  13. Fireflight
  14. Yocualt  (Credit to Lego)
  15. Electrohacker (Credit to Lego)
  16. Aerodemon (Credit to Lego)
  17. Raheatmonfly (Credit to Lego)
  18. Blimbo (Credit to Lego)
  19. Multitoad (Credit to Lego)
  20. Gigablast (credit to Lego)
  21. Crabon (Credit to Lego)
  22. Sanor (Credit to Lego)
  23. Freezepunch (Credit to Lego)
  24. Angaxel (Credit to Lego)
  25. Bulkos (Credit to Lego)
  26. Lafoxin (Credit to Lego)
  27. Oques (Credit to Lego)
  28. Fishfry (Credit to Lego)
  29. Spactor (Credit to Lego)
  30. Short Stuff (Credit to Charbel)
  31. Density (Credit to Kross)
  32. WheelEdge (Credit to Lego)
  33. Kinetic (Credit to Kross)
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