Ben 10: Hero's Journey
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi
Season 2
Status Airing
Original run October 26, 2018 - TBA
Episodes 10 (Season 1)
Starring Ben Tennyson
Creator(s) User: Reo 54
Writer(s) User: Reo 54
Editor(s) User: Reo 54
Director(s) User: Reo 54
Franchise Details
Preceded By Ben 10: Omniverse
Succeeded By TBA

Ben 10: Hero's Journey is a series by Reo 54. It is a sequel to OmniVerse.


A while after the events of Omniverse. Everything has been quite peaceful. Ben receives an upgrade to the Omnitrix from azmuth for his 18th Birthday and sets out on a journey into spaces. All alone Ben travels through space meeting new friends and facing old and New enemies. Will he return home? Will he settle down somewhere or will he wander through space forever?


Main Heroes

Supporting Heroes

Main Villains

Minor Villains


Note: Episode with * have not yet aired.

Season 1

  1. Birthday Wishes
  2. Dead on Arrival*
  3. Grand Theft Ben*
  4. A Knight on Mars*
  5. Sending Postcards from the Anur*
  6. Price of Immortality*
  7. Vilgaxia Is So Two Years Ago*
  8. Fall Out*
  9. Not Just Some Thugs: Part 1*
  10. Not Just Some Thugs: Part 2*

Upcoming Episodes

  • Silver Lining*
  • Crypt of the Everflame*
  • Masks of the Living God*
  • City of Golden Death*

Fan List

Alien List

New Aliens

Old Aliens


  • The Season 1 Episode names mostly play on Songs from the album "Take This To Your Grave" by Fall Out Boy.
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