This is the video game for Ben 10: Gigatrix Chronicles.

Playable Aliens

Non-Playable Aliens




The first cut scene is when Ben is watching Sumo Slammers: the Movie and the commercials come and the advert is about men made of stars coming out of the sky and Ben runs outside and the first level begins Ben walks out side and he sees the Celestialsapiens coming down and one comes up to you. You can fight it with any alien but Rokk is recommended because of his strong attacks, when you defeat it a strange energy comes out of it and you touch it and it allows you to be Giga rokk. You spend most of the level going around smashing Celestialsapiens, then the mayor is outside being attacked and the first mission is protect the mayor and you have to defeat 10 Celestialsapiens in the time limit of 30 seconds and when you have finished the mission the mayor will thank you and give you his key to his house so you can get his car and you run in there. Inside the house you will find a load of the assasins drones wrecking stuff and Jack'o'lantan is recommeneded because of his spread attacks and fast running and when you get to the Myaor's car you drag it outside and the mayor rewards you and you hear your phone ringing and it's grandpa saying you have to go to Pyros. He'll met you there. Ben will whistle for Ship and he flies there.

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