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Ben and his crew plus a robot anti-matter must stop a rising force called the New Galactic Order.


  • Ultimanium: Part One

Ben 10 and the team must find Tetrax

  • Ultimanium: Part Two

Now being hunted, Ben and Tetrax must escape from the clutches of Darkios.

  • Unfinished Articles Business

The crew must track down the Nexus, the mysterious target of the New Galactic Order. Meanwhile Kevin has a score to settle.

  • Primal Rage

The crew discovers the first piece of the Nexus, however they have to face a dark enemy: Themselves.

  • The Snipe

The team must find the one person who can help them while fighting the Hexan Force led by their old foe Six Six...

Note: These are the only confirmed ones and more will come


Confirmed so far are....

  • All the original aliens
  • Guardian
  • Phoenix
  • Smoke Storm
  • Probe
  • Ultimate Phoenix
  • Ultimate Smoke Storm
  • Ultimate Brainstorm
  • Ultimate Upchuck

And many more!

New World Order so far[]

  • Darkrios (is the leader)
  • Axon
  • Malay
  • Mmo
  • Mysterious Mastermind

Other Heroes[]