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Ben 10: ExOS won Best Still-Running Series at 2019's Omniverse Awards!

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Ben 10: Extended Original Series (ExOS for short), also known more recently as ExOS Classic, was an alternate continuation of the original Ben 10 (2005), running in the place of Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse. Series created by ProjectCarthage/CarthArts.

Sometime in 2020, the original run was cut short in favor of rebooting the project with the new current team of writers.

Plot Summary

"Six years after he fought Vilgax in Downtown Bellwood and became a known hero, a 16-year-old Ben Tennyson continues to use the power of the Omnitrix to fight evil."

After Ben saved Bellwood in "Goodbye and Good Riddance", he was interviewed by a news reporter the next night. His heroism spread, becoming well known throughout the world. As he's gotten older, the Omnitrix seems to have changed with him, it's grown somewhat, and he's been getting more and more aliens.


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Timestream Notes

Timestream Notes, from the desk of "PROF"

PROF: It's quite simple, you see. On Maxwell's 60th Birthday, the timeline splits off in two directions. One of which, young Benjamin gives him the cake. The one you call "The ExOS Timeline" emerges from the part in which Ben never received that cake from that version of Ben 10,000. He never even meets the fellow. Benjamin then grows into an adult, becoming the version of Ben 10,000 he's supposed to meet. The timelines converge, and both split into another new direction, Young Ben's now being set on course for what we know as The Prime Timeline!


  • This series concept came together after Carth was inspired by Elmike9, and his redesigns of Ben 10 aliens in the Original Series style. Later, when Carth would try an OS style Teen Ben, he started getting ideas for his own OS continuation, the first seed of what would become ExOS.
  • ExOS was a working title, but after a while, it just kinda stuck.
  • Every alien who has been in the 5 main Ben 10 cartoons will appear, along with several additional ones to bring the total to 100 aliens by the end of the series.
  • The design half of the project was rebooted on July 12th, 2018, the new designs going under the moniker of "Era 2".
  • The theme song is an edit of an obscure remix of the Original Series theme by UK Bootleg Remix Artist Juxtaposeur, released in 2008 on an online radio station.
  • This series was voted BTFF's June 2019 Featured Series.
  • This series won the 2019 Omniverse Award for Best Still-Running Series.
  • The story is also available on Deviantart,, and Archive of Our Own.