Ben 10: Evolution is a new series by Rex, following 10-year Ben Tennyson along with 11-year old Kevin and of course his cousin, Gwen. It will be written in Paragraph mode.


It's Been a Long, Dangerous Battle!

This Series is currently on hiatus for a while. You will have to wait until it returns from its break to see any new episodes. Sorry about that.

Season 1 Plot

Kevin E. Levin goes to the good side to help the main trio fight crime.


You know what to do..


Season 1

Ben 10: Escape Fury

When Kevin joins the good side, An Alien invasion comes. They capture Gwen so now it's up to Ben, Kevin & Max.

Twisted in Time

Ben learns about new alien Clockwork, but when he creates a time warp, he falls in, and ends up in the future.

Risings of Albedo

Ben realises there's a villain thats looks like him terrorising Bellwood...

Noah 10-Ben 10: Evolutions: Master of the Universe

Ben meets Noah Segurason and must stop a new villain from becoming the Master of the Universe!

Ship Strikes

Ship is stolen! Will Ship show his full power?

The Black Sun: Nemesis, Part 1

Ben & The gang are found in another dimension where a villain has planned to enslave them.


Upgrade Chase

A Upgrade Fest Special, Ben must enter a race with Ship in the 25th Official Mechamorph Race

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