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Ben 10: Delta Days
Delta Days
Creator Aaronbill3
Art Designer(s) and Others Aaronbill3
Created on 16th Sept. 2018
Rating TV-G
Preceeded By Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Ben 10: Delta Days is a series by Aaron that follows Ben Delta, Earth-1010's equivalent of the Reboot Ben, on his summer vacation.

This series will be updated incredibly sporadically, with little attention to continuity or story arcs. The episodes take place at various points across the Reboot in the general order of release. This series also considers Ten Over Ten Thousand and Ben 10: Reboot Revolution canon.

The series was announced and its first episode was released as a part of Overflow Fest 2018, with this page being created on the 16th of September 2018.


Grandpa Max takes Ben and Gwen on a Summer Vacation, but things take a turn for the weird when Ben gets an alien transmogrification device -The Omnitrix- stuck to his wrist. With the power to turn into ten different alien forms -and potentially more- Ben becomes the hero the Earth needs to stop evil in its tracks!

Having fought off villains such as the brilliant Dr. Animo, the insane Steam Smythe, and even the alien warlord Vilgax, Ben's work is far from over as he has to face evermore new threats: Smugglebeard's money-grubbing gang, the genius hacker The Informant, and the time-bending Timekiller!


Era 1

Episodes set to take place during the first season of Reboot canon.

Era 2

Episodes set to take place during the second season of Reboot canon.

# Episode Summary Written By Airdate (UK)
1 Pirates! Ben and the gang are enjoying themselves at Hostile Coasts Theme Park, when suddenly three pirates attack seeking to claim the park's profits for themselves! Aaronbill3 21/09/2018
2 Ancient Alien Ben is dragged along to another dinosaur dig site, this time one focusing on life from the Cambrian period. His boredom gets the best of him, and he soon discovers life ancient beyond measure. Aaronbill3 15/10/2018
??? The Hills Are Alive The two cousins fun time in the park is cut short by city workers attempting to tear down an old tree, but unwittingly unleash an ancient force of nature! Aaronbill3 TBA
??? The Informant In an era where even numbers can become illegal (actual thing, look it up), The Informant seeks to liberate information- nothing should not be knowable. Aaronbill3 TBA
??? Future Echoes The gang takes a trip to visit New York, but their shopping spree is interrupted when Timekiller arrives to demonstrate his newest creation: Time Breaker Bivalvan! Aaronbill3 TBA
??? Operation: E.N.H.A.N.C.E.D Extraterrestrials Need Human-allied Aliens Now Completely Extra Dead Aaronbill3 TBA
??? NAME TBA A strange alien known as Dipswitch jumps inside the Omnitrix and begins wreaking havoc. How can Ben fight crime when his aliens are random? Aaronbill3 TBA
??? Mind Map Imagine anything, and Mind Map already knows. Aaronbill3 TBA
??? Best of a Billion Billy Billions attacks! This time his budget is bigger than ever as his parents demand to prove their technology superior to the Omnitrix! Aaronbill3 TBA
??? NAME TBA A powerful robot arrives, set on acquiring the Omnitrix. It seems to adapt to anything Ben can throw at it, will Inspector 13 win this time? Aaronbill3 TBA
??? Enhanced Ben A fight with Dr. Animo causes the Omnitrix to trip, accidentally creating an all new form: Omni-Enhanced Ben! Aaronbill3 TBA

Era 3

Episodes set to take place during the third season of Reboot canon.

# Episode Summary Written By Airdate (UK)
1 Striking Twice A new influence breaks out among the Fulmini, and High Override is forced out of leadership! With nowhere else to go, he returns to invade a planet he once visited not long ago... Aaronbill3 TBA
2 Crazy Frog Lord Decibel Returns! And this time, he's found the resonant frequency of Slapback! Aaronbill3 TBA

Era 4

Episodes set to take place during the fourth season of Reboot canon.

# Episode Summary Written By Airdate (UK)
1 Kev's In Trouble Kevin 11 is kidnapped by the Forever Organisation- a sinister group working for the Forever Knight and his boss. Kevin's Antitrix is studied for their true purpose. Aaronbill3 TBA

Era N+1

Episodes set to take place during outside of Reboot canon, in a fictional future season.

# Episode Summary Written By Airdate (UK)
1.1 Escalation: Part 1 - Troublesome Twosome Kevin comes to Ben in a time of great need, and the two prepare to fight a mysterious new opposition. Gwen suggests training and they end up finding joy in each other's company while the past is set aside. Aaronbill3 TBA
1.2 Escalation: Part 2 - Switcharoo Boogaloo The pair find their match at the hands of the Manimal. The shapeshifting creature is inspired by Shock Rock and devastates their watches. Aaronbill3 TBA
1.3 Escalation: Part 3 - The Other Guys Kevin tries to fix his watch as Ben has to cope with an almost COMPLETELY new set of aliens! He could win with aliens he knew how to use, how can he possibly win now? Aaronbill3 TBA
1.4 Escalation: Part 4 - Forever Disorganised Kevin leads Ben, Gwen, Max, and Manimal to the now-abandoned Forever Organisation's laboratories in search of answers. Instead, all they find is a trap. Aaronbill3 TBA
1.5 Escalation: Part 5 - The Other Troublesome Two Everything hits the fan as the fight becomes a free-for-all. Ben and Kevin need to escape, unsure of if they can trust each other anymore. Aaronbill3 TBA
2 Sea Shanties Down on his luck, Lord Decibel is invited to join Smugglebeard's Crew. In celebration, Decibel builds them a new "ship"- the Jolly Remix. Aaronbill3 TBA
40.1 The Old Ones: Part 1 - The Mindless At the trio's latest stop finds them in a small fishing village being terrorised by divers thought to have died in the waters. They act independently, suffocate when their water-filled diving equipment is removed, and drag livestock into the lake. Aaronbill3 TBA
40.2 The Old Ones: Part 2 - Curse of the Aboleth The gang calls in Phil for help getting to the bottom of the cursed lake with a submarine, where they find ancient powers from a time long forgotten. Aaronbill3 TBA
40.3 The Old Ones: Part 3 - Power of the Aboleth The Aboleth grant Ben the power of waterbreath, same as their minions, so that he may confront them directly. But what hope has he against the ruined creators of the Delta Dimension? Aaronbill3 TBA
40.3 The Old Ones: Part 4 - Fear of the Aboleth Ben finds himself unable to walk on land anymore without being transformed. The armies of the Aboleth march on the land-living as the ancient gods prepare to rise once more! Aaronbill3 TBA



Main Characters


  • Kevin Levin
  • Phil Billings


Recurring Villains

One-off Villains

  • Dipswitch
  • The Informant
  • Lomonus
  • Mind Map


Regular Aliens

Omni-Enhanced Aliens


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  • Most of the episode names for this series are references:
    • Ancient Alien is a reference to the series Ancient Aliens.
    • The Hills Are Alive is a reference to the main line in the song The Sound of Music, from the titular musical.
    • Future Echoes is a reference to the Red Dwarf episode of the same name.
    • Operation E.N.H.A.N.C.E.D is a reference to the naming scheme of episodes in Codename: Kids Next Door.
    • Crazy Frog is a reference to the mid-2007s mascot character of the same name.
    • The Other Guys is a reference to the Stargate: SG-1 episode of the same name.
      • This reference goes even deeper because the SG-1 episode focuses on newly-introduced minor characters while giving the main cast the back seat, and the Delta Days episode focuses on replacing the main cast of aliens entirely.
  • Aboleths as they appear here are taken wholesale from the Dungeon's & Dragons Monster Manual.
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