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Ben 10: De-Evolution is a series created by ET & Brian and is written by ET and Brian and UH. It follows Ben as the Ultimatrix glitches and instead of creating Ultimate forms, it make Devolved forms. It is supposed to have unknown seasons, and it was created on 8/11/2011 (D/M/Y).




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Theme Song

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  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Kevin


  • Hijinx


  • All of Ben's aliens
  • Charlien

Devolve Beam

Occasionally, Ben's new Ultimatrix shoots out a devolve beam that devolves or evolves anyone it touches for a short amount of time.

  • Devolved Gwen - When Gwen is devolved she becomes a Chimpanzee with mana manipulating powers and awesome karate skills, but all her powers are weaker
  • Devolved Kevin - Whenever Kevin is devolved he becomes absolutely useless. When he is devolved into his Chimpanzee form he has no clue he was originally Osmosian/Human and still has Osmosian powers. When he has absorbed a material and is devolved he becomes that material and is immobile

Go here to see a gallery of all Devolved aliens.


  • There is a possibility that not all the listed devolved forms will appear
  • This series is based on comedy
  • Ben always forgets that he can't go Ultimate anymore which causes him to almost always accidently devolve

Substitute Writers

If ET, Brian or UH are unable to write an episode for some reason, Omi will substitute and write an episode for them. Omi will write a special episode and then take over for ET in one week while he is on vacation.

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