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Ben 10: Civil War is a mini series within the Omniverse continuity. The catalyst is that Ben Tennyson was turned temporarily evil and many of his allies and enemies fear it could happen again.


The program revolves around the aftermath of when Ben Tennyson temporarily went rogue. Many of Ben's allies and enemies were all brought together to fight Ben should the need arise. A center point in the plot is Rook's growing distrust in Ben and his willingness to now go on missions alone and have limited contact with Ben. Rook is part of a team called the Repairmen and are made from Ben's allies as well as his enemies. Eventually Ben will find out about the group and the new tension breaks up the team and the Plumbers. Many of the super villains on Earth joined the Repairmen because they were promised amnesty by Azmuth himself. There is then of course the added incentive of catching Ben Tennyson and trying to arrest him as payback for all the villain defeats. So then Max Tennyson forms a new team of his own to fight back the Repairmen called the Breakers who do not agree with the Repairmen's new found fear of Ben.

Episode List

Episode 1: Out of his Mind!

Episode 2: The Beginning!

Episode 3: The Catalyst!

Episode 4: Shots Fired!

Episode 5: On the Run!

Episode 6: Intermission

Episode 7: The Final Battle!

Episode 8: Endgame!

Side Stories

Episode 1: Rook Blonko

Episode 2: Jimmy Jones


  • Azmuth (Leader)
  • Rook (Second in Command)
  • Gwen Tennyson (Third in Command)
  • Will Harangue
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Ester
  • Tetrax Shard
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Khyber the Huntsman
  • Sevenseven
  • Magister Pyke
  • Billy Billions
  • Sir Morton
  • Dr. Animo


  • Max Tennyson (Leader)
  • Ben Tennyson (Second in Command)
  • Magister Patelliday (Third in Command)
  • Kevin Levin
  • Dr. Psychobos
  • Lucy Mann
  • Helen Wheels
  • Manny Armstrong
  • Alan Albright
  • Zak Saturday
  • Magister Korwak
  • Sunny


  • Ben Tennyson will lose his Omnitrix during the whole conflict.
  • Sublimino is indirectly responsible for starting the war.
  • The basis was based after Marvel Comic's own Civil War storyline.
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