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Season 4

Season 4, where the battles between Ben and the Legion of Evil continues. The Legion's plan is finally begining to fall into place, and Ben hasn't noticed the connection between the Legion, the Sword Asclaon, and the struggles on the planet Grodun.

The Thousand Year War P1

Ben discovers that Grodun has not always been a peaceful planet.

The Thousand Year War P2

When the Legion returns to Grodun, Ben must find the Grodun Relic and use the power to send the Legion away.

Fall of a Hero

During a battle with the Legion, the gang sees Evan die.

Evil Realities

With Evan dead, the Legion now sees their goals as realities.

Evil Returns

After beiung defeated again by Ben, the legion returns and the battles continue.

Rise of the Phantom

The Phantom returns and brings upon the Mega Lucubra.

The Match Striker's Plea

A mysterious being known as the Match Striker restarts the Flame Keeper's Circle.

Dilemma of the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight comes to save the Forever Knights.

Alpha and Omega

When Ben finds Rex in his world the to must work together to stop Nanite Alpha.

Divide By Nine

With all nine number villains upon them, the heroes must work harder than ever.

Days of Future Past

Ben gets trapped in the past while Gwen gets trapped in the future. Then, Kevin must work to save them both, before his time runs out.

The Seven Keys of Space

Ben discovers that the Legion was looking for the Seven Keys on the planet Grodun.

The Shattered Star Map

The Phantom steals the Star Map from Gemini and then shatters it, leaving only the fragments with the locations of the Keys intact.

Fight Fire With Fire

The Match Striker returns and tries to destroy a star to find none other than a Key.

Space is Burning!

With the star destroyed, the heroes must work to contain the supernova.