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Season 2

Season 2, where the heroes discover their dark future, deal with a Constell uprising, and face the challenges of deception and betrayal.

Why Was Six Afraid of Seven?

Sevenseven goes rogue and destroys Sixsix


Vulkanus tries to takeover the Earth, by using Ben's Biotrix against him.

The Purebreed

The Highbreed meet the exact opposite of species: a once unpure species trying to make the world pure and eventually they beomce pure

Night of Andromeda

Queen Andromeda begins a constell uprising

P'andor's Box

P'andor escapes from his prison only to be put in a box.

Doctor, Doctor

Dr. Animo teams up with Dr. Deadlock to eliminate Ben once and for all.

...Becuase Seven Eight Nine

Sevenseven and Eighteight reutnr and bring a new villain with them, Ninenine

The Rath of Ragnarok

Ragnarok returns and disables all of Ben's aliens except for Rath.

When the Mistress Calls

The Dark Mistress asks for Ben's help in savin her planet from an alien invasion.

Computer Virus

Computron, The Techadon's and the R.E.D.s team up to destroy Ben.

The Forever Curse

Hex reutnrs and curses Ben so he can't go alien.

The 26th Dimension: Home of the Nalijan

Ben must go to the 26th Dimension to reutrn a Nalijan destroyer

The Galactic Enforcers Return

The Galactric Enforcers retunr to help Ben defeat some old foes.

Day of Declaration

Queen Andromeda declares war on the Milky Way Galaxy.

Alien Apocalypse

The aliens of a planet seek refugee on the Dark Mistress' home planet.

Diagon Returns

The Flame Keeper's Circle pretends to free Diagon from his prison.

Ben + Ben = Ben + Ben

Ben and Dark Albedo team up to battle Dark Ben and Albedo.

The Battle of the Milky Way

The war between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies begins.


Queen Andromeda takes the refugees hostage.

775 Ways to Escape

Prisonner 775 returns and takes Colonel Rozum hostage

The Knights of the Round Table

The Zodiac Knights begin a battle with the Forever Knights.

Home Front

Ben returns to the Dark Mistress' home planet.

Behind Andromeda's Mask

Ben discovers that Queen Andromeda and the Dark Mistress are one in the same.


Julie takes Ship home when Baz-el dies.


The Dark Mistress asks Ben for forgiveness.

That Shocking Feeling

A giant alien robot comes to earth and reverts it to a level 0 planet.

They Walk Among Us

When an alien refugee ship crashes on earth, the normal citizens discover that other aliens live on Earth.

The Watch Maker's Ransom

Queen Andromeda kidnaps her former master Lord Gemini and holds him for ransom

The Chosen One

Paradox reminds Ben that he is the chosen one.

The Infinitrix

Queen Andromeda steals the Infinity Scroll but then Ben steals it back and merges it with his Biotrix to create the all-pwerful Infinitrix.

The Grand Destiny

Paradox tells Ben that he must defeat the spirit of the Zodiac King if he wants his destiny to coem to be.