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Ben 10: Backyard Adventures is a continuation to Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Ben 10: Backyard Adventures
Ben 10 Backyard Adventures

Written by

Rob Macaroni




Ages 5 and up


Ben 10: Backyard Adventures is about Ben being amnesiac due to a bomb, along with Albedo, and Gwen and Kevin having to train Ben about the Omnitrix and fighting. However, Ben can't know he half the time is fighting real aliens, or he will freak out. Sometimes, the villian is imaginal, and sometimes it's real. Either way, Gwen and Kevin can't let Ben know if an alien or villian is there. With Grandpa Max constantly checking on them, there is no easy way to hide the secret. Can Kevin and Gwen train Ben to fight and to use the Omnitrix, without losing the sanity? And can Albedo be trained by Vilgax to become a villian again?





This is not a full list of episodes. For a full list of episodes, see Ben 10: Backyard Adventures/Episode Guide.

  • How I Got Amnesia (pilot)
  • Slackerz
  • Mrs. Crazy
  • Albedo's Little Lesson
  • Slacking
  • Mr. Squid Face

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