This is a list of episodes for Ben 10: Another Reboot.

Season 1

Here Come the 10

Ben Tennyson stumbles upon the Omnitrix in the forest and must use it to defeat some drones.

The Mutants in Your Head

Ben and his family must stop Doctor Animo from ruling a city with his mutants.

The Legend of the Krakken

The Tennysons go fishing and stumble across a mythical monster and some poachers.

That's the Stuff

Ben and Gwen must save Grandpa Max and Aunt Vera from some aliens called Limax.

Bounty Hunters

A trio of bounty hunters attack the Tennyson trio.


Ben helps a Megawatt save its friends from Fistrick and his gang.

Introducing Kevin 11

Ben's rival Kevin Levin appears in New York.

Clowning Around

At a circus, Ben must face his fear of clowns to stop Zombozo

Drone On

After a fight with some drones, a criminal is turned into a half-robot.

Brief Career of Lucky Girl

Gwen is fed up of Ben getting all the glory and finds a spellbook, which she finds out actually uses magic.

Buggin' the Buggs

The Bugg Brothers: Maurice and Sydney, unleash a mutant to threaten a town into giving them money

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